Scary SPIN THE BOTTLE Challenge (Don't TRY this)

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We decided to do something scary once again at 3 AM. We decided to try out some scary games that shouldn’t be ever tried. Some of the dares of our 3 AM challenge included playing BABY BLUE CHALLENGE, TALKING TO ANGELA, SPENDING 10 MINUTES ALONE ON TERRACE AT 2 AM, and many more. Dive into our world of supernatural and find out if these challenges even work!!

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Habiba Fatima says:

I only like parerna di

A.S GAMER says:

Angela se 1hr baat karo aap

Aashu Tomar says:


Aashu Tomar says:


Manisha M says:

Phone m time dikhane k liye phone dikhaya jb aapne .mujhe aisa lga jese mera phone, coincidence same mera bhi hai with same wallpaper..

Zainab Ansari says:

Legends are watching this at 3pm . 😁


itnavayanaksongmatdooo plspls

ssk gaming says:

in all video any ghost don't come

Lakshmi T.R says:

Prerna does look scary in her eyeshadow and eyeliners!

Peehu Vibhu says:

Scary video

Peehu Vibhu says:

Scary video

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