Saucy Santana – Rock Wit It [Official Lyric Video & Official Audio]

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The Official Lyric Video and Audio for Saucy Santana’s single, Rock With It, from Santana’s album, Outside.



chey conway says:

I feel like it just needs to be said and this is my opinion and my opinion only but saucy makes better music then the city girls I'm so mad sis don't get major play

Patryczyskoo says:


Breezie Crayton says:

I love this Bay Area sound

freezyAndHaze says:

u serious?? 😳🥵

SUGAWARA ಠ_ಠ says:


nada says:

Okayyyy 🔥

V Xny says:

mantap 🗿👍

Atte schroderus says:

U camed straight to here in tiktok to listen this

ak says:

الاغنية تجنن

haneen says:


Feminine Britaney Burnett says:


Omar H says:

1:331:38 is my favorite line ➖

Handsome J says:

This got a west cost vibe

chloe woolpert says:

PLAYLIST, geez got me throwing the rock away😫😂

Jayla Johnson-Scott says:

Song straight💰♨️

Jayda Proudlove says:

Can someone make a Dance to this?😭

Ramo Cody says:

JT would sound so sexy on this 😂🥵

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