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Sakurai Suggests Smash Bros. DLC Ending with Vol. 2 + Min Min's Development Details

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In Sakurai’s latest Famitsu column, he spoke about the development of Min Min and trying to capture her uniqueness as an ARMS fighter. But not on that, he made mention of the fact that development of Smash Bros. Ultimate will come to an end once Fighter’s Pass Vol. 2 is finished! Get the details here!

SOURCES: https://twitter.com/PushDustIn/status/1283431414554230784

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PKMN Trainer Mark says:

Didn't he say before that DLC might be done after Pass 2?

bowserboy3 says:

Is it just me that thought this was already stated? About Fighter Pass 2 being the last of the DLC? This comes of no shock, I’m almost positive it has been said before this?

Bruh Moment says:

hey, you know what that means? Production on smash 6!

JoJoboi / Stalaktik says:

Who deserves Sakurai-Sensei

Evan Tomlinson says:

Bruh the final character is gonna be a character. I'm calling it right now.

Angel Ortiz says:

That not funny GameXplain

Zitsanrael says:

If I'm being honest, I'd really like this to just be the end of Smash development for now. After the fighter's pass let the dev team and Sakurai go work on other things they want to work on and maybe a few years from now, come back for another wave.

Smash Ultimate is truly the "Ultimate" Smash Bros. and I can't even imagine what the next game might be, if there even is one. It's not even 2 years old yet and it's already found a spot in my top 5 favorites games of all time. So personally, I'd like to just see them continue to build on this game rather than starting from scratch to make something brand new.

Dakota Andrews says:

Didn't he already say during the reveal of 2nd Fighter's Pass that this was gonna be the last content for the game?

unsub says:

This man needs to have a year's worth of vacation.

TGundamSamurai says:

I hope Xenoblade 2 and Rex have much more priority over something dumb like Sora.

Rex, Pyra and Mythra got done dirty and needs to be in this pass as a singular unit character.

Tarantula M says:

All I can say is please no more Fire Emblem characters!

Aaron Christopoulos says:

I mean like they could just tell Sakura to take a break and then replace him with another developer

With his permission of course


Watch, as soon as this volume of characters is done they’re gonna pull a rick roll and give us another cause people will start bitching if we don’t.

karl eichholtz says:

All I can say is, it's been a wild Smash Ultimate ride.

Mr. T: Gettin' out while you can, Sakurai? I pity you, fool!

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