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Sakurai on Min Min's Counterintuitive ARMS & Putting the Best One Forward – Smash Bros. Ultimate

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In Sakurai’s latest Famitsu column, he talks a little more about what went into Min Min’s development, including deciding her stance, which arm should face forward, and which one should change Arms. Get a closer look at his thought process!

SOURCE: https://twitter.com/PushDustIn/status/1288510223775174656

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John Castro says:

I get I press a and b took a learn lesson with up a and b & down a and b! That’s why all I know is simple for Min Min

John Lai says:

Got everything perfect for Min Min.

Buck Ass Nerd says:

Minmin is officially my favorite fighter to use & I haven't had trouble figuring out her arms so… idk. I guess I use the motion controls in ARMS, so I didn't think about it being opposite of that game.

Matheus Xavier says:

As always, Sakurai is 999 steps ahead of us.

The Leader Of The World says:

Everyone: "Use the B and A button!"

Me who has custom controls: "Why do I need to press the jump buttons?"

Zach Jones says:

these characters are unbalanced as shit

S4D S4D says:

They gave her more love then most !!!! They must have a chrush on Min Min

Jkdabomb10A says:

Love the granular smash content :).

ShMarioX says:

did they fixed the min min bugs?

Logan Miller says:

So is that video about the animal crossing update that had audio problems never gonna get reuploaded?

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