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Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney burst into tears as Wrexham seal Football League promotion!

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After 15-years in Non-league, Wrexham can finally say they a Football League club once again. The Racecourse was overran by jubilant fans as their Hollywood owners cried watching on.

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DrunkPauloCosta says:

This flag is for the continent of USA. A brit couldnt do this because they cant even brush their teeth.

A brit would have lost paul mullins in the interview with his abs breath

welin says:

Невероятные чувства

Mathias Vibeto says:

I believe Ryan said this in the Wrexham documentary "it's a true underdog story".
Congrats to Wrexham. They've more than deserved and earned it

Steve Lacy says:

Rich white dudes and their hobbies 😂😂

Coach McGuirk says:

Wrexham for promotion again next year!! EFL is going to be a breeze for them!

Joe The Golf Bum says:

spoiler alert?! lol

David Diaz says:

Where is season 2 now ?

TerminalVexx says:

can Rob and Ryan buy out Levy at tottenham?…please…

StonyRC says:

THIS is proper football, the way it was always supposed to be – about the game, about the club, about the FANS. It's a million miles away from the cold, meaningless business and cash-oriented nonsense that comprises the premier league. Bloody well done Wrexham and many thanks to Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney for showing club owners how it's done!

Pratama Ridho says:

Hei Ryan and Rob. go buy Chelsea now

profanepersonality says:

Such a boring "sport". 😂😂😂

doggin6 says:

And just like that. All respect for him is gone. It’s a lame sport for sissies. Get a grip. 🤦‍♂️ it couldn’t mean less.

Liker says:

Spoilers for Welcome to Wrexham season 2.

James Pargeter says:

What a great club. great supporters, great manager, great owners!

Thomas Sadler says:

just another reason these two gentleman garner so much respect from their peers. Lets go WREXHAM!! CONGRATS ON YOUR PROMO!!!!

plad plad says:

A true mighty ducks moment!

ellenfielding73 says:

Are they still filming the documentary?

Qais H says:

why they are happy ? next season they will be back xD

ellenfielding73 says:

Bloody well done!!!

relevation0 says:

I have no idea what's going on 😂

azam987654321 says:

why are they allowed run on the pitch….

Karen Tompkins says:

Rob, Ryan and all of Wrexham…well done!!❤

Andrew Elias says:

I can’t wait for this movie.

always never says:

Moments like these are what makes life beautiful

jose says:

Can someone explain in wwe terms

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