[REVIEW] Nerf Halo MA40 Assault Rifle | Solid Prop-Class Blaster!

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0:00 Intro
0:14 Unboxing
0:45 Blaster Overview
3:44 Firing Demo
4:53 Firing Analysis
5:35 Conclusion
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Sky the Doggo says:

Me sees video game add on:eh

Me now that i play halo:yos

zachary z says:

Would buy if that cocking handle moved

Fart Face says:

I think it’s just a jolt re skin

EmergencyL0tion says:

I’m in the army and for battle drills our drill sergeant allowed us to buy nerf guns and I’m happy to say I bought this gun 😂

Phantom_‽ says:

Does the switch on the gun move and is it only an option to fire one dart at a time?

Daily Dose Of Cringe says:

Hes firing it like a halo ce marine

JazZy says:

Kinda sucks it’s not compatible with drums or 6 round mags I think drum mags would look really cool on it (though I use worker p-mags mostly so it’s not a dealbreaker)

Robert Haskell says:

Wait, there's competition nerf?

Stinky monke says:

Bullpups suck

Milokiss82 says:

i need to see inside the thing. i wanna know how they mad it bullpup…

wh1987 H says:

This is going to be fun. Maybe a little tweak for the Halo rifle to make a better handling and performance.

Ashley Cole says:

Do you play halo???

Sad Moan says:

Does any now how to losen the handle if it gets stuck?


Why no ODST

Cal Zie says:

It’s better than Roblox ones though the Roblox ones is a waste of plastic

G555 Ulgra says:

I'm kinda new to this Nerf blaster game. I already purchased this Halo Blaster. This blaster can't shoot with suction darts for me. Same with you guys?

Boss 1138 says:

It’s surreal seeing a nerf blaster in the bull pup configuration

Bindu Rajesh says:

Bro where do i get the battery, does it come with the gun

The 'Greatest' Baryonyx says:

I just wish it was at all possible for Nerf to do a Nerf Starship Troopers SMG / Shotgun. Those two would have been awesome to see as usable nerf guns.
But I must admit they did a good job on the nerf Halo line

BoredPenguin says:

Ahh the classic teabag

Cyrus White says:

i am a fan of halo and i am having lots of fun with it and it has a skin for infinite in it.

KAN3Y_BOY says:

I’m under you bed

aryan kalra says:

Its a groza

Nano Go says:

I knew he was going to complain about the thumb hole stock

Peeper The Penguin says:

7:25 that game add on is for the video game obviously. But you can use it to get the nerf skin in the game. So you can show off that you spent the money on it and to personalize your assault rifle in game.

Thel Vadam says:

A nerf battle rifle would be awesome.

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