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Relearning Minecraft – Nether update – 🔴 Live

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Flxrilyn SpeedBuilds says:

Me: doesnt look at the face cam but looks at the actual game itself
Me: realizes he’s gonna walk into the ravine :OOO
Stampy: reads chat out loud
Stampy: NOOO, NO, NO, NO, NOO
Me: Wihs I could’ve warned u…I sorry ;-;

Nicola Wilks says:

rexdstone + lava = diamonds

Nicola Wilks says:

it's data packs not mods talk to xisumavoid then

Nicola Wilks says:

redstone or hide ad seek

E Barton says:

I will be the 10 millionth subscriber

Shadow says:

I felt that when stampy fell in the ravine 😂😂😂

C De Sousa says:

What about ur helpers

Tammy Braxton says:

Man I was………4-5 when I watched him

Adarsh Presanna says:

Is fizzy elephant coming back?

Phrog ꪜ says:

What’s the seed

Rostyslav Nozhak says:

“Are you an axe thing? Are you a shovel thing? Lol

Jeremy Mills says:

And I built your house

Jeremy Mills says:

I love you stampy I’ve been watching you since I was 5 love your vids big thank you so much if we could play mine craft my username is ttvUwUbutter but I am ps4

forbidden omelette says:

Gameplay starts here

Bizmmuth says:

Your about to get 10 million subscribers. Your gonna get the diamond play button

Beautiful Dreams says:

Are you going back to stampys lovely world ?

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