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Recreating Discontinued Taco Bell Menu Items (TASTE TEST)

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Taco Bell may have limited menu space, but should these discontinued items make a comeback? GMM #1532
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Elizawitch says:

Taco Bell needs to bring back the cherry limeade. That was everything

robert caldwell says:

I was there. I didn't see it. Till the first botchalizim case. Allegedly… probably for Catholics on Friday.

tss3393 says:

A moment of silence for the Grilled Stuft Burrito 🌯

SF Gaming says:

I want the Doritos fire tacos back they were so good!!!

Willa Andrews says:

I’m pretty sure that I tried Taco Bell for the first time in 2017 or 2018 so I didn’t get to try most if not all of these (haven’t gotten through the whole video yet)

Katelyn Stewart says:

@6:006:11 is a mood.”preach”

Jonah Lafountain says:

Nobody: Rhett and link reference ET 2000s kids:HAHAHAHA

Devonte The Truccus says:


VD Silva says:

I grew up on the Bell Burger. It had a major following and many people still demand that they bring it back.

Pam Osborn says:

I Loved the Bellbeefer with sour cream & their sauce

Clutterlicious says:

Bring back the enchirito!

Lindsay Obee says:

Josh is so funny. So quick with the comebacks. I like him

Thegoodolboy says:

I have waited for the volcano taco to make the comeback

Rave 0231 says:

The syrup of the maple tree cannot be called maple syrup. That is the world we live in people.

Jada Fuhr says:

i havent had taco bell in years but i do know exactly what the bell beefer would probably taste like

Ethan James says:

Steakhouse Burrito was my absolute favorite from Taco Bell and they discontinued it. Still makes me sad.

Jfr Films says:

Random unwanted fun fact of the day: Thomas Jefferson invented the swivel chair

SegaMan92 says:

My favorite discontinued taco bell item was the chicken fajita grilled stuft burrito

Adam Oder says:

These are nice, but I miss the Beefy Crunch Burrito ;-;

Wyatt Link says:

Absolutely loved the waffle taco

Andrew Odinson says:

i watched this while eating the new grilled cheese burrito

Nsbiker says:

Taco Bell ir taco fake 😂😂😂🤠🤠

Badusername2000 says:

everyone ive ever known who had a bell beefer still misses it, so i think they should bring it back

Ron Matson says:

We have like 4 in butler,mcdonalds

Cody says:

The origin of past food.

Marine Goddess says:

I miss Little Bucket Lemon Parfaits from KFC…😭

Ben Thurston says:

They quit making gorditas! That was the best thing there too.

Kelly and Twiggy says:

The comment section is sleeping on that Kristen bell fart joke. 10/10 on the bell beefer Lol

Kid A says:

Rhett: I'm compelled to take another bite.
Link: Which means nothing
Rhett: True

Me: huh

Erniebyrd1214 says:

I remember these commercials!!! 😂😂

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