Real Upgrade | State Farm® Commercial

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With the Drive Safe & Save app you can get rewarded for your safe driving. Now that’s a real upgrade.

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.®

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Detailed Transcript



Amethyst White says:

His license now says Jake from State Farm

Jerry Inabnit says:

Yeah I want the real deal.
Like Jake from State Farm. Not this guy from film Actors Guild. It went from a clever misunderstanding situation
That was funny. To praise this new Lord and give him gifts.

Josiah Mccarver says:

Gotta make sure I put my thumbs down.

Kenny Begeske says:

More Jake from state farm

Leliel says:

Is this just gonna play over and over ugh

Joe says:

Well played have from State Farm… as usual

Cori Morgan says:

Does anyone know who that girl is 😺😺😺

ericbazinga says:

Q: I added super advanced shielding and spy drones to your Ford Fusion
Jake: I signed you up for insurance
Q: goddamn it I've been outclassed yet again

Jake G says:

Everyone is so low energy in these commercials.

KfreshTV says:

I came for the girl

nat kaylo says:

wheres this girl from?!?! shes so familiar! she an actress?

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