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Real Life Trick Shots 3 | Dude Perfect

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Trick shots all day everyday!
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Dude Perfect says:

🔥COMMENT which shot took the longest 😂
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Amalio Quiles says:

Real life trick shots cause the others we fake

Дед Пул says:

Этими понтами, уже не удивишь,заканчивайте с этой хернёй


Is this even possible
Can human do it with their eyes and hands

Jason Khalil says:

Crew and collin. Han, I never knew they were coby's kids. We see it 1:46

Jason Khalil says:

At 0:14 we can see the tape closing the cheese balls cause at the end it failed

Metal man says:

GG your better than me

WarriorBear says:

if you’re watching this in 2020 you’re a legend 🔥💘

Marisa Saavedra Flores says:

Why is quarantine so boring also, dude perfect should make a dizzy sports battle three

unknown - says:

Best bloopers😂


It is obvious that they practiced but it is still incredible

Sofia Divino says:

this is nice

Fuzion Gamer says:

The key toss was crazyy

aqil talib says:

I want 400 dollars please for iPhone 6s

SportSZN says:

Sub to me☝️trick shot content.

Yuan karlie Perello says:

I love all trick plz do more part 4 plz i want to do it the ez ones

hi Spongebob says:

Di edit coba

abhinoor Mattu says:

1:38 Me going to school after quarantine

Shankar Swaminathan says:

anyone watching this on lokdown

Matthew Manzano says:

Ultimate social distancing.

Vtdulist says:

4 plzzzzzzzzz

Jenni Petersen says:

Make a another real life trik shots

Resik Noiro says:

thats what cool people do!

100k with no videos says:

if only taking out the trash was that easy

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