Real Life Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect – Reaction

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Beasty Reacts says:

I'm late I know lol

Rylan Reyes says:

He make me unconditionally

Kotsios / says:

So this guy just reacted to a video for 6 mins and got 10 mil views thats …well deserved

Reuben Tsen says:

Wish the sticky hand was a grappler hook

JD - 10PK 684657 Turner Fenton SS says:

The overreaction in this video is unmached

XxLilDarkzxX says:

Me: thinking of the panda fortnite emote challenge try

Gurtpower says:

🥺Does he even upload anymore? 🥺

Nancy Dudley says:

him:sees the knife one gets a boner
me:i do want a sharp knife to buddy

ShaimeLess says:

Whats the point of watching this guy if you can just watch dude perfect?

Eddieboy Pineda says:

You are too bad of reactive

Range Clan says:

Stop saying bad words plzzzzz

Lucus Hylton says:

Beasty come back

william clements says:

That's what she said

Mon Raven Ucab says:

Amazing reaction and real life trick shots by dude perfect

triChem says:

Who else noticed the pool triangle says Dude Pertect

Math Guy says:

Watch Overtime 8

Dis Is Jeff says:

Why aren’t you uploading

Heruviel Aguilar Aguilar says:


TY FORD says:

At the beginning you know I like my dude perfect

Pranshu Patel says:

Why isn't he uploading video

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