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REACTION TO HWASA Maria (morte ver.) TEASER and 1st Mini Album [María] Track List | I have theories

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Reaction to Hwasa Maria Teaser and Track list

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Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k38kp9K4WnI

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Exessen says:

I know you saw it on twitter but here is the untranslated part in the interview, it was written by Park Woosang:
"Hwasa keeps talking [about the songs] while downplaying herself but she has really contributed a lot to the album production, writing, and composing. From every guide recording to mastering, she played an active part in all even w her busy schedule. Of course that was difficult for the producer but I think it’s a huge plus factor for the results."

Crystal Asante says:

This album is so powerful but when you said how people were disappointed of her album, it reminded me how antis were just saying it’s horrible just so she couldn’t go up the charts but she did🥰❤️

Komal Harshitha says:


Eli Elf says:

can you please react to super junior MVs?

lo siento

black suit




are the best

you won't regret!!

Yesk Blanco says:

I've been making theory posts on my IG fanpage (I don't have a Twitter account). Do you not have an IG account?

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