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Racist Radio | Rudy Mancuso, Lele Pons, Anwar Jibawi & King Bach

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Siana Sarkis says:

But is it just me who thought it was funny when Lele put her head threw the sunroof?

Prithwiraj Bhardwaj says:

0:37 that isn't Arab that's Indian music ( as it has tabla)

Melike K says:

Türkçe çeviri olunca bayılıyorum ya 🇹🇷🥰🥰🥰

Allen Mudzimu says:

Lele is so crazy i was shockex when she went upside down on the roof top

matthew fortuin says:

the beats are the best at the end will black,latin, Arab and the white is the best beats all together are the best

Pretty Mangle :3 says:

Shes Iatina Del bano shes the bath tub

Sharon Glenbar says:

This is the best musical video made by Rudy mancuso

Spiff says:

“Lele, Take Off your shirt.”

Rcc Templar says:

2:17 that is some controversial shit. Anwar is a fucking nazi.


Laurene Davis says:

All I see is LE LE suffer poor lele

joyce pery says:

Who’s watching this in 2020

BestofWarden says:

Whats this song

Husain Batat says:

yo what is the middle easterns songs name

Vietnamball says:

Genetic: Italian
Nationality: Brazilian
Language that he speak: English, Spanish, Portuguese
Accent: Spanish, American

Ayano Koji says:

Song king bach

Patriquin Sanchez says:

Lele pons is so white and is always trying prove her Latin ness

Bukumi Nyirahabimana says:

Uttyy shut the f**** b** hair girlfriend anymore ever again I'm not ever again so bad. Talk with boots 🎆🐷😛😝😰😥😥😪😭😢😰🌉🌃🌆🌄

thegamer4life olsen says:

WHO's drivning the car! When there dancing

Tristan Baker says:

Its technically racial steryotyping not racisim

Berivan Beri says:

What about rudy?

Nahron isho says:

1:46 like if you saw anwar’s face 😂😂

Nas on 60 fps says:

How is the White Girl latino

King Graveth says:

i love how the white guy just doesn´t care

dikra doram alor says:

Araaab pice

Mister Fahrenheit says:

"White radio" had me dead 🤣

فراس الشمري says:


sparshdobre - Roblox - Minecraft says:


Snea X says:

Did you see the thumbnail of the video Rudy mancuso has no nipple

Dr Pepsi says:

Bro u cNt be racist to white people why he get a offended

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