Quavo – Modern Day Stroll (Culture 3 unreleased)

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Huncho The Harare Gamer says:

Who else is here after mention of Saweetie removed in the comments section of Modern day Official video?😂

SSaiga says:

Now its here and its hard

Random Mofo says:

Goodbye streetie 😂💨

LA Going Brazy says:

They taked out saweetie off the video 💀💀💀😭😭😭

zaki Karimbhai says:

Who just came from the music video that just dropped🙋‍♂️

Lil Alien Flip says:

Happy culture day guys!!

ethanliftz says:

Who’s here when it didn’t drop

CleckerDeckerTheRecker PS4 says:

i’m wondering why this wasn’t on culture 3 wtf

JR says:


Jamie Reid says:

Bruhhhhhh, I’m so ready for this album to drop in a few hours

Malazan says:

I am still waiting for this song

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