Quando Rondo – I Remember (feat. Lil Baby) [Official Music Video]

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Quando Rondo – I Remember (feat. Lil Baby) [Official Music Video]

From The Neighborhood To The Stage Out Now!
Stream/Download: https://quandorondo.lnk.to/FTNH2TSID

Life B4 Fame Mixtape out now!
Stream/Download: https://quandorondo.lnk.to/LB4FID

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P 45 says:

Got locked up slapping this song b4 getting pulled over /locked up . Slapping this 4 years later bring back memories.

Jorge Torres says:

Who likes heart's

Ghostt says:

I rember 😁

A y says:

fun fact: quando and baby said “i remember” 96 times in this song

grown chuck says:

I got love 4 you DSGB

G Flow says:

The producers was going crazy on this one 🔥🔥

srit0 says:

I remember this song

Big 5 says:

blood this hard on blood

Lilpeezy says:

My birthday in September so I was feeling this song when it first came out on me 😂

daniel padilla says:

I remember way back when I was a youngsta getting love was never really thought much of all that was on my mind was how to be a bonified hustler taking haterz out in clusters was the only way to make theses busters pay nowadays aint much to do but to grind all day f what they say im a pistol packer since day one and you know if you my day one we going out together i remember you never left my side when them nigga slumped me that whats up family sorry you aint around but ill be holding down till you get out

Anthony Jones says:

Who side is Lil baby really on 👀 🐍

Flex Painn From The Lo says:

My breathing is so painful i can't even sit up straight on my couch and simply look through a book

Flex Painn From The Lo says:

This city erased my entire childhood and rewrote my life so that it only fits they're hatred of me so what i did was became my own writer and rewrote THE TRUTH BUT 10 FOLD 👑👿🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Jordan Friar says:

Yall think he remembers?

Bubble Bubble says:

Now lil baby and rondo will never collaborate again damnnn ( lil baby don’t remember😂)

Fxde vxcz says:

i think he remembers

menace the kidd says:

It all started when his was freestyling while beatin his car

Seymour Kitty says:

This song ass

Seymour Kitty says:

So durk put out a album with the dude who helped the dude who's responsible for the dude that killed his dude?

løvé ßæßæ says:


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