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Ping Pong Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

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BOOM!! Our 1st ever Ping Pong Trick Shot video has DROPPED!
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Awesome arial footage provided by Brian Aiken
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ii_SkullAce says:

2020 People goes on..

AkG Miscellaneous Zone says:

who all are watching in quarantine

Cryptic Enigma1116 says:

I counted 23 bounces, I changed the playback speed and counted.

Jayna Patel says:

PANDA is the best

Talen London says:

23 watch it in slo-mo

supernova says:

At 3:25 the ball disappeared in the air and then reappeared

Triforce_58 says:

When the videos were in the house

Slick Editz says:

Nostalgia is real

2Lakrisouls1Coke says:

it was 23 bounces

Jason Games says:

I can’t believe this was 6 years ago

Ideal Shots says:

22 if you count the Pringle’s can bounce

Corbin says:

21 22 bounce

Ideal Shots says:

21-22 bounces

Rodrigo Ferreira says:

16 bounces quick math boysss

Kate Barton says:

I'm watching this during quarantine

Niranjan Kumar says:

The answer is 23

Ricky Zhu says:

What's the song called ???

The Goober Clan says:

Till this day I still think Corey would’ve made his third Pringle pyramid shot

Lisa Mead says:

24 bounces into the container

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