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Ping Pong Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

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Ping Pong Trick Shots are back & they’re BIGGER than ever!
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piller tas666 says:

Are we not gonna mention how garret literally didn’t look down during the bat spins like he’s supposed to

Royal Swayne says:

Panda and Pringles guy was the crossover that I didn't know I needed, but that I needed DESPERATELY!!!!!!

Jay Rooney says:

I wish Garett was still super energetic

Amanda Miller says:

Yeah I love this

(Korean) 그래 나는 이것 을 좋아한다

Love Shack Gamer says:

This video is awesome and What is the music of this is it's too awesome

tommyy__06 says:

This was 5 years ago! jeez time flies!

Aiden Is cool says:

More like 250m in the future

Priyanshu SAGAR says:

Tried to click the video

Brennertube HD says:

This is the first dude perfect video I’ve ever watched

Heinrich Zimmer says:


Маруся Созонтова says:

Есть кто из русских

Porbeagle Ninja says:

205 MILLION VIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam Tracy says:

200 MILLION VEIWS!!!!!!!

Susana Gonzalez says:

Sigue bajando…encontraraa un comentario en español

Ántra x says:


M says:

Whoever gets this, salute to you.

Rolling down the hill haha!!

Shadow Fighter says:

Nice video, 👍👍👍👍

Maximus B / MaximusBasketRabbit / Max-Out says:

Me: Dude Perfects Quintuple Steps 4:36

Also Me: Ping Pong Ninja Warrior Lol

CrazierChimp *none* says:

yearly ping pong trick shots videos. make the 6th one this year, in 2020.

Tristin Jackson says:

I couldn’t do anything y’all do that’s why I always start yelling

seahawks_ fan says:

Anyone know what the song was at The begging of the video?

wazopaio says:

"First annual giant Pringles can roll"

Only Annual Pringles Can Roll

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