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Patrick Beverley on Devin Booker: What’s he done before though?! 😱 | First Take

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Patrick Beverley joins Stephen A. Smith and JJ Redick on First Take to discuss how bad a look it is for Chris Paul and Devin Booker after getting blown out by the Dallas Mavericks.
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Rj Ladson says:

Wait question prime pg was on the thunder indy or la🤔

Khoa Do says:

Bev played against Luka 2 years straight in the playoff, he knows how bad Luka is

Lan Qian says:

Pat, can you even read…….JJ out there dead, "why am i here with these guys"

Earlis Marks says:

In all fairness Booker was banged up at that time…Not that I am saying Phoenix is going anywhere in the West soon but Booker is nice when healthy and he was not healthy.

Sergio Díaz says:

Pat bev is my fav player from now on 😂

Mspi Onage says:

This is exactly what I love as a sports fan. Real info from an ACTUAL player rather than some loud mouth hack.

Dillion Marsee says:

Im from Indiana ill tell you he 100 percent right !

Jordan Rios says:

Which Paul George? Lmao 🤣

Miguel Machado says:

Pat Bev is halarious

Dillard family channel says:

He swear he know it all pat bev cut it out.

lil puppet the hater says:

Can’t wait for the suns to eliminate Patrick Beverley and the lakers once again .

Reningan says:

Get rid of JJ. Pat Bev should replace Molly and JJ and pay Pat Bev their salaries.

Valerie Lerma says:

Patrick bev jj redick i Agee i one tells Phoenix suns fans loss 7 i tell them true i not lie no i not ok those suns fans sucks ok i make a deal it top Luka king king James we not deserve it no no longer have in here what you do are Job we do not you

M N says:

I take 2019 Paul George over Booker anyday
Pacer Paul George was nasty they would've won a chip if it wasn't for big 3 heat period

TheShieldHero says:

Paul George was top 3 in MVP voting 3 years back because he was carrying his team when Westbrook was hurt while being phenomenal offensively and defensively
Devin Booker was 4th in MVP voting because his team was carrying him. He got consideration especially because of his team record.

That's the difference. Devin Booker is not the same tier as Paul George. Stop it

Rachel Marron says:

Pat Bev is reckless. Flagrantly disrespectful and not a care in the world 😂whats his beef with Book.

G G says:

I mean it’s the truth. What has he done? Get in ya feelings or tell me what he’s done? Right lmao

Tjae Keys says:

Pat Bev rn is one of the best and truthful sports analysts. PERIOD.

Andrew Reed says:

The fact that they really had this dude on the show evaluating other players that are 10 times better than him as if his say matters is still mind blowing… and then the fact so many people were actually listening and saying he's good for the show is even crazier lol

Clxtch Brxzy says:

If that’s the conversation we can say the same thing abt James harden all them times he choked on the WCF

Brandon Hayes says:

Let's get this Str8. Paul Goerge is waaaay better now than he was when he was on the Pacers. He was definitely more athletic, but PG wasn't the scorer back then that he is now. PG has a way more complete game now then when he was on the Pacers. He was a baby when he was on the Pacers

Derek Deese says:

Luka and Booker are NOT on the same level bruh 👀

Rob K says:

Low key, Chicago's Pat Bev was just gang banging on ESPN and nobody caught it.

fitta says:

What has Pat bev done? Won the playin and celebrated like he won the chip

Jake M says:

pat bev should be a coach tbh

Nikki White says:

Pat crazy I love it!

PV2Kwon says:

Not gonna lie. Pat seem mature here

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