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Patrick Beverley Gets Ejected After Shoving Chris Paul In Game 6 Loss

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Pat Bev was tossed late in Game 6 after shoving Chris Paul during a blowout loss.

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Bleacher Report says:

Chris Paul on Pat Bev shoving him: “It hurt. It stings.”

Oliver Yang says:

Beverly must have dropped out of kindergarten cause he never learned how to keep his hands to himself😂

Random says:

Lmao at the way Chris Paul fell 😂😂😂

Jay says:

Always had an issue with the borderline plays that you see so often from pat bev. This crosses the line. Pat bev is a coward.

Prentiss Brown says:

I think Pat Bev was madder than the coaches after that shot lol

Michael Sunguro says:

Patrick Beverley was mad 😅😅😅 because he lost. If he wanted to win, he would have won. Too bad that Patrick and his team mates lost 😅😏🤣🤣

MVP Talk says:

Am I the only one who seen Kamisky see the whole situation before and after and not do anything 😂😂😂😂

Incognito says:

Seriously no place for that. Chris Paul Flopped but the push was Funny as Hell 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

bart simpson says:

leave the cone alone pat

Jay Bandz says:

Funniest nigga in the league


If trash patrick joins the lakers im not suporting the lakers

Brandon Logan says:

Aight gonna lie tho it was a bitch ass thing to push CP3 but DAMN patbev pushed the "F" out of cp3 deadass he fell and everything. While walking? You know how hard you gotta be pushed to fall over like CP3 ?

Jimbobway says:

ironic how the guy who can run his mouth infinitely can't handle a sly look, not a single word said

Mom Destroyer says:

d book act so tought but let my brother teammate anyone i stand for get pushed infront of me like that im fighting

LoftyXsWaGX34 says:

It would’ve been perfect for Chris to have ended this season with an ring but the suns choked smfh.

New Yitty says:

Hit the showers chump!

Rene says:

C.P has some punk teammates that didn’t help.. booker acts tough

PV2Kwon says:

At this point it was just making the score margin larger. There was no hope for Clippers to win

Jsongz201 says:

Pat only one who hates CP3 lol that’s why he went to talk shit about him lol

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