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Patrick Beverley emotional after beating the Clippers to make the playoffs

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Chaz NBA says:

Pat Bev goes OFF on the Clips after the win in IG video: https://youtu.be/6sFI11VKm8E

Mario says:


Tom Cat says:

Pat Bev Finally won the Championship


I understand why he was emotional he played his heart out for that team and probably felt like they shouldn't have traded him. Even tho they lost the next round the wolves fans will never forget..and pat wherever he plays gives it his All that's the reason why organizations loves him and so do the fans and myself.. wherever he goes whether he left or plays with another team crowds cheers

Jamzter Zlicxz says:

Play in tournament champ😂🤣

wordplay says:

Play-in Tournament MVP💪💪💪

Adrian Au says:

Here after he got traded

Isaiah Medina says:

He let his former employer know he can take care of himself. Respect

Fegelein The First says:

Well uh,

This didn’t age well.

William Diaz says:

Lol he’s going to cry in Utah now

Moises Barreto says:


Rudy Martinez says:

i love pat, i love his intensity. With that being said, you’d had thought they won the finals with that reaction 😂

King Trzl says:


The Alpha (AG) says:

Imagine if they get eliminated first round…..oh wait, they have 😂

ArabellaPoppy says:

Such a Cancer lmao.

APEX says:

I’m crying laughing

Anthony Austin Jr says:

No lie. The NBA, needs more guys like Pat Beverly. He plays tough as nails.

Dankest Ranch says:

This man is 100% emotion. For better or for worse

William Robinson says:

He needs more credit than whatever they give them he plays defense he can shoot a three he can get in the paint leave them over for a knock if you want to but all out I like him because of his defense get into the players offense and distract them on playing hard man to man

Jeff Licoln says:

Why is Alex Rodriguez there?

garland greene says:

Feels like nba championship🖕🖕🖕

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