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Overnight in the World's Tallest Bed – Challenge

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I spent the night in the world’s tallest bed! (also I’m deathly afraid of heights) this is gonna be a challenge LOL

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A 24 hour challenge in the world’s tallest bed in freezing temperatures and on uneven ground isn’t something that I wanted to do since birth, at all, but it IS a way to partially get over my fear of heights that I’ve had since I was a kid. I wanted to challenge myself! Watch till the end to see if I made it. ;D

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If you read this you automatically have to sleep on the floor LOL LOSER GET WRECKED


Salohcyn says:

me on my first night i. minecraft placing my bed in a tree

hydromaan says:

literally my having nothing better to do in minecraft

Gabriel Razo says:

Josiah trying to hard

Brandon says:

I really thought this was airrack 💀 smh

Sorodorosos says:

Definition of falling in your sleep

James Does it All 247 says:

Bruh just u so brave….

Random Person says:

I can’t even sleep in a normal size bunk bed without freaking out…

Mouradplayz says:

it looks like a minecraft bed lmao

sjs Shjd says:

bro imagine rolling over in your sleep and you fall to the ground and die

Kan Kan says:

Didnt Airrack do this but a bed on a mountain and probably more dangerous

Gtmonke says:

Bru my name is Mateo:)

JellyBeanFan says:

Me if the guys took my credit card with trash in return: “get out videos over and no iphone

Kim Shelton says:

I have that hat

Enqrypted says:

nahh dude i couldnt props to you im terrified of being that high lol

【xForte_Lifer】☆ says:

I thought the thumbnail was Minecraft… lol

ciara and Daniel gaming 😜🎮 says:

Oh my that's high

Qba :3 says:

i would die there how to u made it pls tell me

Principal Of The Thing says:

I'm jealous. I would love to have an RV like that!

slaysolsisthurs says:

Josiah sucks lol

janky Mac says:


Landon Main says:

Big click bait but I respect the man for what he just did

famous in a day says:

famous in a day

Amira Horváth says:

I don't want to see another hotel jump video

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