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I love surprising Alex like this. All the way in Missouri! Happy Father’s Day to you all!

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(remember the j in the middle)


Ravone Fields says:

Are the kids still singing that song around the house? 🥰❤️❤️

*Flower queen* says:

That is such a cute surprise I hope he enjoyed his day

Ruth Martin says:

I love it! He stopped by Liberty Jail where my daughter just started serving. They are not doing tours, but she got to give him her first "unofficial" tour. So fun! My son was with Alex 5 years ago the same day in Minnesota while he was on his mission.

Janna Duncan says:

Happy fathers day to Alex and your dad.

TheChallenger Rivera says:

This channel should be named the singing fam! I love their voices! Very talented on both mom and dads side!!!!

lgmria1999 says:

julie you're a so thoughful wife

Doofy Brothers says:

Yes tourism girl duck

Madison Mather says:

But like… what Mormon grandpa doesn’t have the George Washington painting?!? 😂 Mine has the same exact one 😂😂😂

Debbie Lopez says:

Love your channel, seeing your husband face when he saw his food. It was priceless. Enjoyed your children singing with there grandfather. 😊 You are on er amazing mom,and wife. Blessings to you all.

Jake Hubbard says:

We love you bye family jewels

Tracy Kaiserian says:

Bay is amazing..I use it in alot of soups and stews. Especially my chicken vegetable soup

Gayle Stout says:

I love watching your family each evening before bed. This was a really fun one! Love what you did for Alex! Happy Father's Day Alex! Never did I imagine (way back when) that Alex would be father to so many beautiful babies!

Maria Vignoni Vargas says:

The surprise face of dad and the lovely grandpa recording with grandchildren. PRICELESS!!! And I will try to do rhe rice 😂 Mom had 6 kids and work part time as a medical doctor she was So big families do not scare me unless siblings develop jeaulosy as grown ups like I had experienced. But oh well hope none of yours develop that and I just wish your 8 kids get a room as it makes me sad a closet is used for baby at times


Delaney Macaig says:

You're a role model for moms and wives around the world. Alex and the keys are very lucky to have a gem as wonderful as you.

Michelle Hudson says:

Awe my boyfriend is also
Nigeria he is still
Currently there he makes the rice all the time over the fire it’s a favorite

Jacqueline Morgan says:

Alex “I love that woman!” Made me smile so big he’s so sweet! Happy Father’s Day Alex!

Francesca Dominique says:

When a man finds a wife he finds a good thing😍🥰🥰🥰

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