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Noose found in Bubba Wallace's NASCAR garage

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A noose was found in Bubba Wallace’s garage stall at Talladega Superspeedway, according to a statement from NASCAR.
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Steve W says:

Why is it NOBODY EVER WAITS FOR THE FACTS!!! BTW, Wallace had a great chance to show good character and help heal this nation when his team found the "noose" which was actually a garage door pull no matter how it was tied! A man of character would have said, take it down and no one say a word about it as our nation is suffering enough. But noooo! Bubby had to play the victim, make those news shows to feed his pathetic ego! And that blew up in his face when it was debunked by the 15 FBI agents sent to investigate! The tax payers thank you Bubby! He should not only apologize but he should reimburse the cost of the investigation. He's a spoiled little rich punk, with the sportsmanship of a child, who throws water in another drivers face and in another incident places the bumper of his wrecked car on the car hauler of the other driver because he was involved in a crash with them. It's called racing Bubby. Or should I say baby! He grew up richer than most Americans. He has a job that few ever have, making more money than all of the NASCAR fans he is supposed to care about. He's a spoiled little rich racist who put himself, and his poor little feelings, before his sport and his country!!! And one more thing! He could have spoke up for Kyle Larson when he used the terrible N word while talking smack to his WHITE spotter! Kyle didn't use the word in a hateful manner. He didn't direct the word toward any black person or their race. Yet Bubby took care of Bubby while the rest of the overly sensitive snowflakes like him destroyed a good mans life and career! I bet you've used the terms, honky and cracker, and probably a few others, to describe white people! Did those white folks run to the media crying racist? Nope! White folks don't have that "privilege."

Frank Dawe says:

CNN is not just guilty of spreading "fake news", they are also so far left they can't make a right turn at a stop light. This story was proven sooo false. The "noose" turned out to be a garage door pull, and Mr. Bubba Wallace must have known that himself. In which case, Mr. Wallace is also guilty of spreading "fake news." The real racist here is Bubba Wallace. How about NASCAR gets rid of him just like they got rid of Kyle Larson! There's clearly a double standard here.

Ryan Bentz says:

Hahaha, oh my God…they pushed his car😭every garage had one!! It is a garage pull down rope!! I'm pissing my pants hahaha

Trisha Ann says:

Nascars statement didn't say Bubba did anything wrong. He didn't even find the noose or rope or whatever it is. It implied it was just a rope that was tied like that to hold a door open or hold something. It said it wasn't a hate crime but they have bookoo $$ to protect.

Fred Mansfield says:

So what do you need now, am upside down cross,

Honk the honk says:

Bubba Smollett, isn't your 15 minutes of fame almost up? Race-baiting fraudster.

Thorne Worthington says:

Jussie Wallace

Just Another Mom says:

Bubba Wallace should be ejected from his driver seat. What a smollett clone! Liar Liar!!! He needs to go for adding more division to our country!!!!!!!!!! Enough with the lying virtue signaling!!!

Howard West says:

Boom! Bubba got the new sponsorship the team needed after he cost them their last major sponsor. Bet no one ever saw that one coming did they? Nascar pushing false narratives like a bunch of Russian operatives. Bet they would never do that to help the "legend" financially after his driver acted like a fool and cost their operations a big money sponsor. Clearly nooo motive here folks.

Ladon Swift says:

We support Wallace and the Nascar in our country's fight against racism and any symbolic form that represents it! A flag that symbolizes a heritage that is represented by a noose and stands for racism is a flag this country definitely doesn't need.

TOP GUN says:

This turned out to be Fake Noose

2021 says:


2021 says:


Deja Giguere says:

He lie lol or

John Le says:

Ppl cry that NFL isn't doing enough then calls Nascar fake for trying too hard… ppl are fucked up.

juan sanchez says:

Wallace is calling for unity, but he was so you’re responsible for rushing to judgment. Stop all hate crime hoaxes.

juan sanchez says:

Fake News CNN inciting racial division.

Jack Cameron says:

They are trying to divide Americans. Wallace is an ass and part of the problem. Just like Jessie Smolet.

Kosi B says:


D J says:

Of course…Nascar scared….they know he's gonna call racism and Nascar down you go.

Paul Weatherby says:

The snowflake looked like she was gonna cry at the end.

Eugene van Wyk says:

Bubbles is a straight up Idiot

Ted Ingalls says:

Fake from the first instant…when I heard this I was just waiting for the "news" it was fake. No disappointment. The Demand for Racism is clearly outstripping the supply since AMERICA ISN'T A RACIST COUNTRY it's a country full of wannabe victims.

Lipziger says:

Ah yes, the too small, non functional, too low hanging door opening noose. Poor guy – He didn't even see it himself but just heard it and saw it in pictures … and still had to go on every news show there is … poor guy. Hope he can survive this awful hate crime.

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