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NoCap – Suge Night [Official Video] – REACTION

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Reaction to NoCap “Suge Night”

Link to original video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccgyBdZiQHU

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/nolanwallace1/


Andrew Schau says:

Might start stealing arms in a risk (wrist) taker


Tf is that on yo arm

philip welzyn says:

Naaaa this song out of this world 🔥

jeff thomas says:

I can BACK the Truth my hittas on the FRONT line (lying)

Brian Branham says:

You ain’t lying that’s why bra is my favorite rapper right now wordplay is on another level

KC Budz says:

On your own time listen to The Backend Child album and The Hood Dictionary album they are legendary

Samuel Fura says:

“Growin up I had a (PLAN) I put my city (B)ehind me, I know this pain (LAST) forever but don’t COME (CUM) and remind me” “I’m like Eric don’t do no talkin it be hard for you to READ (REID) me so these glocks ain’t got no SAFETYS, I WASHED A TON (Washington) luke RGIII” OMG🔥🔥🔥

FAME_EXOTIC 23 says:

rylo been signed to lil baby for a grip and no cap is with young boy. (Just in case you still dont know).

Ashton Jackson says:

Y’all gon see this nigga really fie bruh him and Rylo

Khamran Laing says:

No cap is too hard bro

Shaun Lawson says:

Rylo & NoCap WORDPLAY outta this World 🌎

Sammy5423 says:

NoCap signed to yb

Jay says:

im like eric i dont do to much talking its hard for u to (reid) me

ClaudneyGoCraxy says:

Nocap signed with youngboy fam

GroovyDill Playz says:

Hey Nunnie can u react to Wally Dash, Los Vercetti – Write His Wrongs (Polo G – Relentless Remix) it's fire


Kxip says:

that tattoo of a lizard on yo arm look so real😳

Fatima zahra Bensaid says:

Please react to mike singer PLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSE!!!!!!!!!

Jaron Singleton says:

Wat dose this man say in his intro

Musa Ali says:

"I bought a watch cuz i was tired of ducking one time"

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