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NoCap – Suge Night (Lyrics)🎵

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NoCap – Suge Night (Lyrics)🎵

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Op6 Morris says:

He said I buy her designer

Travis Thomas says:

1:16 he said if you was my uncle you still know and I don’t feel(Phil(uncle Phil)) , and I tote a smith and Wesson , not a smith and will(will smith)

GreenHooks PSN says:

at 0:17 he said “I bought the bitch the designer something wasn’t right “

Charmelo Cool says:

We mite start stealing arms I’m a wrist (risk) taker

Charmelo Cool says:

The first question mark is “I bought the bitch designer”

ghxst-joe says:

Can you help me understand the line where he says “she shoot me middle fingers I say ______ like I’m Vietnamese

ghxst-joe says:

It’s because multiple lyrics were not right and some weren’t there but still if you don’t like it just leave don’t dislike it that’s hating shit

No Limit says:

ppl r such haters why there's more dislikes than likes , btw I fw the vid bro🔥

Ben Borris says:

Loool the like ratio

RaveLyrics says:

Jesus Christ how many account does the other guy have

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