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NoCap — Ghetto Angels (Official Music Video) REACTION!!!

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My reaction to NoCap — Ghetto Angels (Official Music Video)

Full ORIGINAL video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiQeZDE1t1c

Let’s aim for 100 likes this video.


Rich Too Raw says:


Jamiya Terry says:

You can’t judge nobody ✌🏼

ZAP SHII says:

Yooo I’m so high I understood err thing yu just said 😴

Noname 123 says:

Brooo u need to watch nocap quando rondo.BRAG DIFFERENT

jacob patterson says:

251 Mobile AL📍

TriillMiixx says:

Snor you sleep on cap react to nocap still me or some of his other new shit


So we ain’t gonna act like this nigga dont that big ass Oklahoma state University flag but he got a Indiana University hat on 🤣🤣🤣

hood babyjay says:

Stay blessed

Kagan Hollingsworth says:

Swayy mula- wit it (react to it G)

Kagan Hollingsworth says:

React to wit it by swayy mula🤘🏻 he next up fr and I think you could help him blow with a reaction video👏🏻👏🏻

Brendan Fogel says:

This nigga said “ALABAMA NIGGA?!?!?”😂😂😂

Nick Pagan says:

Do fbg duck remix

Making moves With Leeann says:

Spaceship vibes -no cap ft Quando rando

Lynx says:

React to mazzarati duke – me too

Donte Winfrey says:

Bro you from nap?

Damon Garcia says:

Mozzy in my prayers

Jawan Goldwire says:

u gotta react to the genius interview on this song

FCB Family says:

Does he not have legs I’ve been watching mans too long to not know this 😭🤣

Jacques Watson says:

Rylo Rodriguez

nelson gonzalez says:

@Snordatdude y u got all these fuck niggas in yo comments, ESPECIALLY on a music vid reaction like this real shit talkin bout "no legs" and all that when the boi NoCap and u talkin real shit and they can't comprehend

twyked says:

why yo nose look like a double barrel shotgun🤣😭 but hey your videos are great so keep up the good shit💯

Dee Rich says:

Nigga said “ y u ain’t got no legs “ LMAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAO

Tooney Vibes says:

this nigga don’t have legs?

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