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NEW Voice Pack – Zuko Susano

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The Avatar Battle Pass will be available on July 14th for 750 gems.
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Kajnake says:

0:12 Excuse me my zuko broke he got no cowboy in em

Willis Wigginton says:

What would uncle say? Take a bite of the silver sandwich!

TheRadBroSexual says:

This VP is trash, sounds nothing like him.

Ron Yuma says:

Who tf is this?

Glen Ferrari says:

i really hope they can get the original voice actor for zuko in the future to redo the lines

Doğu Han says:


Symbiotexspidey says:

I feel like they butchered him

Wind Liger says:

I know it’s not the same voice actor but you could at least try to copy his attitude

Rachel Goodsell says:

"Is there anything better than hot leaf juice?"
Cactus juice.

123bamboom says:

"I am Firelord Zuko" no no you are not

Pamela Childs says:

*Zuko: “You’re just like my sister. Hot-headed!” *Frost: “I got no regrets.” *Zuko: “Don’t make me summon the dragons.” What are your thoughts about this intro dialogue?

stick figure says:

damn y'all picky as fuck, they put a lot of work in these skins and you guys are stilling complaining smh

Facundo Moreira says:

For all those asking for the ''that's rough buddy'': Tina said they are going to re-record it for the VVGT line.

Soultaker97 says:

Terra must be really bad at earth bending, everyone is taunting her

Mysterious V says:

I-……feel cheated. Is it just me orrrrr…does this not sound like Zuko at all?

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