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NEW Voice Pack – Aang Merlin

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Raccoon Foot Productions says:

Anyone know the name of the kid they got for this? He's a good fit.

Comic Sans MS says:


Ron Yuma says:

Well he sounds WAY better then Zuko.

Red_knight says:

I am walking of the smite and fate series crossover

Frozen Death Knight says:

The actor is pretty decent, but he hasn't nailed the role just yet. One thing that is significantly different between this voice and the original is that the new actor is more high pitched. When the new actor goes down in pitch a bit he sounds almost identical to the original actor. Like at 1:57 it is nearly pitch perfect. I think with a little bit more work this guy could nail the voice of Aang.

Dummy Alex says:

If u guys get mad that aang isn't voice by the original actor it's because the original person is 26 lmao

Aurora's Overdrive says:

Why are his death and near death quotes so…… sad?

123bamboom says:

this is not bad zukos is oof

demon masterX says:

I thought he had good voice pack already

Pamela Childs says:

*Aang: Don’t push me into the Avatar state. *Hellboy: “I’ve ‘bout had enough of this crap.” *Aang: “Temper. Temper. Reminds me of someone I know.” What are your thoughts about this intro dialogue? No rude comments about me or even what I said, so I apologize.

Nicholas Prachthauser says:

Debi Derryberry?

ViraL Cyclopes says:

His taunt to Agni should've been

"I challenge you to a Agni Kai again!" Wait no that should be Zuko

farel0888 says:

The way aang interacted with terra just confirmed that theres no toph terra skin. I just hope im wrong.

Vodka Flask Genie says:

For a VA who isn't the original, I'd say this is decently close

DioZaWaldo says:

People who complain it's not the original Voice Actors calm down they are still good it's almost impossible to get the original voices

G Wick3d says:

No. Stop. Please for the love of smite characters, dont butcher this show anymore. Stop. The zuko voice pack was bad.

Gappy Peters says:

Sifu Hotman lol

Adri says:

Another great video!😍

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