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NEW Battle Pass – Avatar (Premium)

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The Avatar Battle Pass will be available for 750 gems on July 14th. After completing the initial 60 levels, the Prestige Track will be unlocked. It contains 60 additional levels and alternative skins for Korra Skadi, Aang Merlin, and Zuko Susano.
Buy gems on the SMITE website and support your favorite creators using this affiliated link: https://link.xsolla.com/OntJ5Vib

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Dawcio says:

It's gay

kiingzter says:

how much will the battle pass cost

Austin Peters says:

Aang voice actor…nah.
Zuko voice actor…EWWW

They should have just got azula since she sounds exactly the same in 2020 Zuko too because there real.voice is azula and zuko

Zackary Hill says:

Ehh not a huge fan of the writing here.Aang has none of the maturity from the later seasons and acts a bit too childish in my opinion. Korra just doesn’t feel like she has as much emotions and zuko just feels strange but otherwise some great items.

CoOl GuY says:

I’m disappointed should have also made a skin for Yemoja as Katara and Tera as Toph.

Escape Aura says:

Wait so how do you get the Avatar state and blue spirit skins?

C0C0nut gamer says:

There not going to be skins the existing characters are going to be transformed into new characters

Catwoman says:

Too bad I got banned.

TheRonaldNess says:

1… to 20… to 60

嵐忍者 says:

Wtf is wrong with Aang's voice

V V says:

Azula or Iroh announcer pack would've been lit


OK. I don't understand. Do I have to reach to level 60 to get aang without his avatar state?

Killunova says:

I got smite to get the Aang skin and wtf I have to get to tier 60 to get Aang… how many games is that

Druel says:

Battle pass is pretty bad Like the skins look ok but thats about it there is legit 3 profile pics for the avatat items Zukos voice pack is absolute trash and no one needed a kora skin why not Azula Pele it's such an easy skin but it's hi rez so im not shocked

Real Dirtydan says:

It would have been kind of cool if they made herc toph

smile for me says:

spongebob skins when XD ?

Hariu Monoke says:

How do you get avatar state aang?

Frogchair says:

The Appa ward! 😍

Angel Santos says:

I was so excited for korra's announcer pack but it just doesnt sound like korra at all.

exbeon says:

All these people want an Iroh Announcer pack. I however do NOT. The original voice actor has unfortunately passed. And I really don’t believe anyone could do irohs voice justice.

King Muscle says:

king boomy hercules skin

Sam the man says:

Bro why not Agni tf

Nobu says:

No!!! Not my cabbage corp!

Gameboy _ says:

Why Kora though?

Cpt Dinosaur says:

I absolutely hate that they chose korra over Azula, Toph, Iroh or katara.

MazorEdits says:

Wheres azula amaterasu ?

michael dike says:

why is zuko screaming💀💀

Mark M. says:

These fools don't even realize they've been cheated 😂😂😂

Otto Gaming says:

Shame iroh isnt the voice pack kinda wish the kind spirited dragon of the west was the announcer pack rather than the 3 characters we r getting

Youness Aich says:

no recall skin? still definitely getting tho

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