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NEW Avatar Prestige Skins

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The Avatar Battle Pass will be available for 750 gems on July 14th. After completing the initial 60 levels, the Prestige Track will be unlocked. It contains 60 additional levels and alternative skins for Korra Skadi, Aang Merlin, and Zuko Susano.
Buy gems on the SMITE website and support your favorite creators using this affiliated link: https://link.xsolla.com/OntJ5Vib

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Royal PBJ says:

I really need this Avatar Korra skin 😭😍

Larrybyrd says:

Hopefully they will add a new voice for the avatar state ones

Fenrir N says:

Huh, I thought they stopped with the prestige track, not complaining mind you, means more free-ish stuff to unlock on the way to awesome skins! 😀

Amazing Fart says:

I’m sad they don’t have avatar state voices

Jen Elli says:

Kinda disappointed that we don't hear all the avatars in Aang's voice. I can understand Korra since her connections were destroyed.

MrSuus says:

Hilarious… i get all the disappointments and hate but 🤣🤣🤣

FadingCalypso says:

What’s the fastest way to grind through the battle pass?

Krystol the Brystol says:

And prestige track is back, I hate it.

Fox Alex says:

Korra is the best! ❤️ 🤩

Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

You could've added a Pele skin for Azula

DespairFollows says:

Looks like I'm definitely not bying this one after all. Way too many disappointments

Davyan van Dijk says:

So there isn’t an title in this battle pass?

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