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New ARMS Character Is OP?! (Min Min Smash Bros Ultimate)

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I react live to the Smash Bros presentation/direct where the new DLC character is announced as well as a bunch of other cool things and Mii Costumes, such as Vault Boy! Let me know what your favorite thing is from today’s presentation!

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ZeRo says:

Don't forget to subscribe/hit bell to stay tuned for tomorrow's analysis breaking down the character from trailer plus some other spicy pieces of content this week. I'm also dropping an apparel line very soon with a website, so make sure to follow https://www.instagram.com/teamzero/ & https://twitter.com/TeamZero to stay tuned for giveaways and discounts and updates!

Dread Kong says:

Here before he Disables comments for damage control.

Galen Burnett says:

I'm sorry if you can't find all the parts to my long An objective and fair judgement for ZeRo comment; I'm posting it on as many videos as I can beginning with the latest enabled video, so altogether you should be able to find all the parts.

Galen Burnett says:

An objective and fair judgement for ZeRo. (Comment sectioned to fit.)
(Please note that I wrote this before I knew that H.Box had been accused.)
I’ve come to my own judgement about Zero after seeing all the evidence available. I present here a balanced opinion fairly considering the bad things about him and also the good things. I conclude that he should not be chased off YouTube.

I’ll start in his favour. Regarding his harassment of Jaqueline, the details of which she has already given perfectly. I can see why Zero did this: he had affection for Jaqueline and yet due to his traumatic past had had no experience in relating with females; he didn’t know how to effectively express his affection for her; he perceived that other males considered looking at porn or Craigslist as somewhat masculine and strong (not good, I know, but it’s the truth) and so he felt he was allowed to that, rather than choose a softer more feminine option for his expression — showing her pretty pictures of fantasy landscapes or poetic romantic moments between anime couples maybe; by showing her those pictures he felt he was saying her to her “look Jaqueline, these women are attractive, I’m showing you these women because I think you are also attractive and beautiful”. His spontaneous laughter can be heard in the video, I think on his channel actually, of the housemates sharing Christmas together; it’s a free happy laughter that expresses beautifully how he felt emancipated from his terrible past by at last finding friends; this is the same laughter Jaqueline described as unpleasant, though one can certainly understand why she didn’t like it because she just felt harassed and abused by him. How often did he do this? Jaqueline hadn’t specified. Consider, if he did no more than a few times, how serious really is that? If it was continual and frequent however that is more serious and I’ll discuss that later. 

Regarding Katie. I do have things to say against his behaviour here but that’s below, right now I’m talking in his favour. He was attracted to Katie, that much is clear. It’s also clear that Katie was also, at least at first, attracted to him to a degree. I think it’s fair to say that he did not read or pick up on how uncomfortable Katie became in their conversations. Again, he had had so little experience in not only interactions with females but in pleasant company in general, due to his traumatic past, that his social skills and understanding were not adequate. He did not at all know how to navigate that situation and felt out of control, pushed along by pressures he could not withstand including male social pressure to get company with females, natural hormonal pressure to mate, natural affectionate and sexual attraction to Katie, fear of rejection and panic that such an happy and surprising occasion would never happen again. Caught up in these emotions and fears he was deaf to Katie’s discomfort. Let us consider it from his point of view: he thinks Katie likes him, he likes Katie, he asks her to masturbate and send him pictures because that’s something he thinks she would enjoy and also that he would enjoy and also it is something I’m sure he must have heard to be accepted practice and to be done by other flirting couples. The ice-cube thing was a fetish; I did think at first that it was a dubious technique to allow a sexually undeveloped female to masturbate without pain, but seeing that he also asked a 16 year-old to do it too I can’t believe that this is the case and I think it must just be an harmless fetish (harmless if the other person is happy to do it, of course). Women are often sexually developed by the young age of 14 and even younger in some cases, this in common knowledge. The reason a teenager is different to a child is because they are passing through puberty; at some point during puberty a person develops complete working sexual capacity and is able to reproduce normally and comfortably, this is before they stop behaving like a teenager and they will still not behave like an adult until some years past this point and it may also be before they have even reached their full height and grown fully in their bodies. Katie had shown Zero a picture of herself. I doubt that Zero saw a child in that picture but rather an attractive, assumed sexually capable, teenager. I don’t think Zero has a fetish for sexually abusing pre-pubescent children. Every male remembers passing through grade-school and thinking himself surrounded by attractive sexually primed girls from an early age (ofter from about 13 or 14). I know that girls of 14 do often all over the Western world have consensual sex with much older boyfriends all the time, such is life; I was aware of this as a young teen and it drove my hormonal-teenage-self crazy. Consider, the minimum age of reproduction must necessarily by young by the standards of evolution so that the human race before it became so superior would have a decent chance of surviving in a wild pre-historic world; humans are mammals after all and their age of reproduction will not therefore by too far removed from that of other mammals; but I don’t need to argue this, biological science proofs this. I believe Zero wanted the nudes for his own pleasure and did not intend to share them with others; if he had done this however this would have been very serious.

(Please see further comment(s) below for next part(s).)

Galen Burnett says:

An objective and fair judgement for ZeRo (continued…)
(Please see previous comment(s) above for previous part(s).)

So now against Zero. 

Regarding Jaqueline. I maintain my argument above but nevertheless he was indeed sexually harassing Jaqueline and it is clear how upset she was by his actions. It was abusive of him to have done that to her, even if he was not aware that it was so. She says that it happened on multiple occasions; if it only happened a few times then I think an apology on his behalf would suffice together with a recognition of the pain he caused her. However if it happened very often then this is more serious. My feeling is that if it came from a place of affection as I have argued above then he would have stopped after several times of receiving no positive response from Jaqueline: if he had affection for her then he would certainly have been sensitive to her emotions to a certain degree and so despite his social ineptitude his care for her would have meant that he would have stopped after so many time of trying. However, if it was done maliciously with an intent to simply harass her for his degenerate pleasure with a bullying attitude then I think he could well have persisted in the torment continually. There is a chance that this was actually the case; I don’t think Jaqueline’s statement is clear enough to be able to tell for certain though. If this was malicious then this is a very serious offence and I think any fan of his must then consider that he would be capable of such behaviour before continuing to support him, even if he were to apologise for it. But my feeling is that it was not malicious but just clumsy as I’ve argued above. 

Regarding Katie. It is clear that Katie was not comfortable with Zero’s advances. It is also pretty clear that though she may have been developed sexually, and though she seems to have been at least adolescent and so interested in romance with boys, she was not ready mentally nor emotionally to entertain sexual advances in the way Zero presented them. His behaviour towards her was indeed manipulative and oppressive, regardless of how out of control of himself he was, as I have argued above. Katie was treated unfairly and was abused in this way by Zero and left feeling traumatised. Jaqueline’s statement actually describes this all well enough without my elaboration. I think an honest apology on his behalf is required, but I think that such an apology would recompense and atone. I think the correct judgement of his behaviour regarding Katie is to accept how I’ve described it in my argument in his favour while accepting that his behaviour nevertheless was objectively and unfortunately abusive; I think that with such a view and with a sincere apology on his behalf one can forgive Zero and continue to support him as a fan. I propose the same argument regarding his behaviour with M.

Regarding Vanessa. The implications that he abuses Vanessa, both physically and emotionally, are serious. There is strong evidence to suggest that he has assaulted her at least once. Watching his videos with Vanessa before these allegations came forward I myself was suspicious of his treatment of her; I didn’t think that he physically abused her but I certainly suspected that he bullied her. Any fan of his needs to consider this carefully before deciding to what degree he would continue to support Zero. I don’t know about abusive domestic relationships; I have a — quite possibly ignorant — notion that the abused is doing themselves wrong by staying with the abuser, maybe they have nowhere else to go, I don’t know. I don’t know where the law stands regarding these relationships. 
He has clearly hurt M grievously by lying to her in his apology. 

I had my own criticisms of Zero before these allegations came to light. I thought he was bullying in his behaviour towards WolfeyVGC in his videos which feature him and I thought this highly unpleasant and it served to distance me a little from him as a fan. I thought he was disrespectful and bullying in his behaviour towards Vanessa in some of his videos which include her, she was clearly not comfortable in that video with anime girls, this left me feeling similarly cold towards him as with Wolfey. I thought his video at the 7/11 during lockdown was irresponsible and disrespectful towards the millions of people affected by the virus. I didn’t like his “all the marbles” joke which usually did not assume the agreement of the other player. I thought some of his behaviour when playing with his editors on one of his videos was disrespectful towards them and so predatory as he was using them for a quick degenerate high at their expense — making fun of them or whatever it was. 
In conclusion. I want him to come back, I really do. I think his offences which have certainly deeply hurt some individuals are atonable by apology; and his other abuses and misdemeanours are also atonable by sincere apology or else are entirely forgivable. Jaqueline’s statement has certainly greatly informed me myself and has affected me regarding his character, and going forward I would be more wary than I was before about being too close with him as a fan. I do not at all think his career deserves to be destroyed by this, providing that he sincerely publicly apologises and takes responsibility for hurting those people he has hurt and acknowledges these instances of his disrespectful behaviour.

Sentinel King says:

Can someone say what zero do to make people angry ?? i don't know anything

T0ken 6lack says:

i hope you get the help you need….

Jose Ortiz says:

I will say this every person in the smash community that has done terrible things can maybe change but the place to change isn’t in the smash community people may say that these are terrible time well yes but at least it’s all being said now and all these once respected players will leave the community

Mauro Padrón says:

If you use Min Min you can grab kids from a long distance

Galen Burnett says:

Friend not foe here. (Comment sectioned to fit.) Gonzales. Your situation is not so bad — really. Everything has been amplified so much because of cancel-culture. You’ve been saying it for ages that all it takes is one small mistake and they’ll get you. This is all mostly just the people who didn’t like you winning when you were the champion taking advantage of the opportunity to try to take you down — it’s despicable. 
Let’s look soberly at what the allegations actually are. 
Firstly, Jaqueline. If your statement about Jaqueline is true, which I believe it is, then you haven’t done her any wrong. If she was hurt by any rudeness of yours then you clearly did not mean for that to happen. She claims about the hentai; you’ve stated that you can’t even remember that happening so she could be confusing you with someone else at Sky House. If she has you correct though I would say that you did not think anything of it, you did not think you were doing anything wrong by showing her hentai and so were able to forget about it. But your stories about girls you’ve given in your videos testify against such behaviour, it doesn’t make sense that you being so shy about girls would do something like show hentai to an attractive and universally admired and competed for girl — she is so, I’ve seen pictures of her. She claims you harassed her. I can’t believe that you would be capable of doing anything too serious in this regard. I’ve read her Twitlonger about her horrible experiences and she has suffered a huge amount of terrible abuse, but it’s not possible that you could have done things to match the worst of what she suffered. It’s possible that you might have harassed her in a minor way without being aware of the trouble you were causing her; you being you might not have been savvy with how to express your affection for a girl you liked. I think it’s likely that Jaqueline is putting you in with her worst abusers as she’s having difficulty, due to the trauma she’s suffered, in discriminating between minor and major abuses she suffered. You would surely remember any major wrong you did her, just as you remember the soliciting of nudes from Katie, which was probably the worst thing you did (but which was not at all as serious an allegation as some would make out and I’ll address it below). Jaqueline has said that she’s going to post details of how she feels you abused her, so let’s see how that goes; but I really doubt it’s going to be anything too serious Gonzales. I think a sincere apology is all that is needed once it’s clear what her grievance exactly is. You do not need to cancel your career for this!
Leffen. You didn’t do him any wrong. You were just harmlessly looking at some pornography with friends one time, unaware of minors being present. I don’t think the fact that you were in Leffen’s space is significant: the general space was so small it seems, people would naturally just use any space for things that was readily available, often regardless of who was generally sleeping there. You would not show porn to minors I know. You haven’t done any wrong here. You’ve apologised to him, which probably actually wasn’t even necessary given what I’ve said about the general living space and given that you were not aware of his presence. If you were actually aware that a minor was looking at the porn as well, then an apology is probably in order, but that’s all and otherwise not a big deal at all — certainly no reason to quit your career!
Offering rewards for the best hentai submissions. Again, not something to quit your career over in any capacity. You probably did wrong in not checking ages, if you did not check ages (but if you did check ages then you did no wrong). You did no wrong in establishing a competition which was accessible to all adults in which the best hentai submission would win the game reward. It doesn’t look like you were making this exclusive in any way, that is keeping some people from wining the reward by not telling them about the true means of winning the competition while only telling some people in secret, and yet still allowing those not in-the-know to compete at a disadvantage. If you were actually doing this then that was wrong, but you can of course make amends for this by recompensing any entry fees and so on and apologising and again this would be no reason whatsoever to quit your career. 

(Please see the rest in the comment below.)

Jose David Catillo says:

Pls dont leave zero😢

Tempest says:

Imagine turning off your comments

Andre Leveron says:

Meh, the memories I had watching his videos while I was going through some bs have a lot of value to me, I can forgive him, but i won't look at him the way I used to. But who am I to judge…..

D4Real says:

Anyone have any ice cubes?

J B says:

Here before damage control

Grand Coin says:

Ik you'll probably never see this zero but good luck man. I hope despite everything thats happened you'll still do well in life

Horus Rahman says:

I stand with you ZeRo

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