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Nether Update: Official Trailer

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Are you ready to get to know the darker side of Minecraft? On June 23 the Nether Update brings the heat to an already fiery dimension on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Windows 10, and more. The update will also be available Java, and then rolls out on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux within 24 hours. Learn more at https://www.minecraft.net/updates/nether


the od one says:

Why is the animation better than the actual game

martizano. lex phillippe Calusa says:

Stampy's original seed is 6644803604819148923

Space Bar says:

When the new snow update thing gonna come out?

CHILK :0 says:

Removed Herobrine?

Jeff Chan says:

"Too angry to die" gang:
-Goblin Slayer
-Steve & Alex

King Player says:

Cadê os br?

afifa hanim says:

Steve and Alex went to a portal then they shot by an arrow and dyies. Is it making any sense. Anyways, the animation is so good


i hope mincraft do more of these animation

Sir Aardvark says:

Not gonna lie, that hoard would be a fun challenge, if your computer could handle it

ClickPause says:

I like how the backing track is ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ and the last shot is of an overworld cave/abandoned mineshaft. Neat touch.

Abdelrahman Eslam says:

Pls fix the game there no buttons , the screen is also very bad I can’t see help pls

itzMelonz says:

Only will netherite be the best for so long, then they’ll add and enderite ore and diamond will feel like leather

josu games says:

Gracias minecraft :3

josu games says:


The Trident Emperor says:

I hope there was an arena like at the end of the last 10 sec

roblox_bucker 2 says:

I like the trailer but the reality is not like on trailer

Gernil Baro says:

Btw why are piglin are so strong

martizano. lex phillippe Calusa says:

Hey mojang can you put stampy's original seed a the seed picker

SneakyBoiii says:

Why do piglins attack, on the soul sand valley when they are scared of Blue fire

Gernil Baro says:

Wow mojang copied Spifey's style of the background music

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