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Nether Update: Official Trailer

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Are you ready to get to know the darker side of Minecraft? The Nether Update brings the heat to an already fiery dimension. Learn more at http://www.minecraft.net/updates/nether

AUDIO DESCRIPTION: https://youtu.be/WPpOosm0rM0


Olgierd Szpigler says:

Ps był pierwszy

Areeb Ahmed says:

Man I wish I could play the new update , 🙁

Lorenzo Mazoni Torres says:

eu tenho xbox

Jim Gabriel says:

Que fodaaaa

Vazoid 647 says:

1:09 oh god

Dubodash 21 says:

I love this game

Sunnyxxllxx says:

Alex: I used to be an Adventurer like u then I took an arrow to the knee 0:15

{_Jazper The Shadow_} says:

The music kinda sounds like the 100 digits of pi

Nikoplayz - Roblox says:

What about xbox 360 u hadnt updated since the update of 2 years ago

Veronique Papegay says:

Finaly on Xbox

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