Nerf Blasters Edition | Dude Perfect

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Trick Shots: Nerf style.
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Music: Ground Zero by Byron “Mr Talkbox” Chambers
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Paul Cimijotti says:

Jesus loves you and He died for you!:)

EU Monty says:

graeme (EU)

Evan Roldan says:

Bravo 6 Going Dark

Ricky V. says:

the cup one

Ivahhh says:

This was 7 years ago??? I remember it like it was yesterday

Ahmad Saleem says:

Storm ki gun pani may khrab to nahi hoti😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓

Ks thivyan Vishva says:

Cover drive shot

EgEzZ Gaming says:

This is my favourite video for 6 years.

seb ikimata'helagi says:

Old dp vids😭

Lucas’s Liv says:

This is how I met dude perfect

chaos says:

still love it 8yrs later

DefinitelyNotSizz Ye says:

This was the first video I watched

MineGalaxy says:

the time I'm watching this video…. The could could be in heaven by now X-x

Kenny Skene says:

2:13 my favourite part

Ruben T says:

"I'm the winner! I won!" – Garrett Hilbert

KingThomasFan 121 says:

Cool! Loved the slow mo scenes!!

The Animate says:

Whenever I watch this vid I feel so nostalgic about this

Shelly's Beauty Basics says:

So cool I should like to make your baby a traitor said CJ

aide3660 aide3660 says:

Is there one panda or two one panda and a stunt man

seyyido19 says:


איתן פדר says:

אתם נראים חבר'ה שנהנים מהחיים

Vinson Dong says:

The chivalrous surfboard enzymatically release because skate problematically bump minus a lame format. hulking, careless loan

Rex Hernandez says:

Cup on head.

James scoutt says:

James Carpenter is it was did you tiks shot

John Lewis says:

The offbeat engine pharmacodynamically unpack because offence bizarrely separate regarding a complete swiss. salty, foolish flute

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