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Natural and Easy First Date Makeup (brows and lash hacks included!)

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I know!! It’s shocking to see me in natural/light makeup!! Today I gave Less is More a try because we took to the streets to see what types of makeup guys like! Well, I already knew the answer but this triple confirms it.

While I’m a strong believer that girls should wear makeup to make *themselves* happy and confident, not to just to make guys happy, it is however true that many guys find girls in heavy makeup very intimidating. If we don’t want to scare them too much on the first date, I suppose a more natural look is better. However, it doesn’t mean that you actually need to apply less makeup; in fact, making it look like there is little to no makeup with plenty of makeup on actually takes some skill and time!

So if you are keen to see how it’s done, watch the video!

Products list:

♡ Brow zings: https://www.benefitcosmetics.com/sg/en-gb/brow-zings-eyebrow-shaping-kit
♡ Porefessional pearl primer : https://www.benefitcosmetics.com/sg/en-gb/product/the-porefessional-pearl-primer
♡ Makeup for ever Ultra HD liquid foundation: https://www.makeupforever.com/sg/en-sg/make-up/face/foundation/ultra-hd-foundation
♡ Boiing Airbrush Concealer: https://www.benefitcosmetics.com/sg/en-gb/product/boi-ing-airbrush-concealer
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♡ Urban Decay Perversion eyeliner: https://www.urbandecay.com.sg/eyes/eyeliner/perversion-eye-pen/
♡ Sasatinnie Super dolly heated eyelash curler (no website)
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ps: Thank you Benefit Cosmetics Singapore for sponsoring this video! You can find more of Benefit’s products on their website here: http://www.benefitcosmetics.com/Sg – And also follow them on their instagram page at http://instagram.com/benefitcosmeticssg


RedRoseKitten says:

Who gives a good god damn what men think?! We dont wear it for them! Ladies if you are wearing it for men re evaluate your priorities!

Chip says:

This natural make up takes 3/4 more time than my everyday make up.

jace b says:

Before i start, i want to say this is Not a hate comment.

But girls, if we don't do our makeup for men, and we dont need their opinions about it, then dont go around asking for it. Dont go around asking for what they think about your makeup then rolling your eyes if their answer is different from what you want them to say. Everyones entitled to their own opinions and we all have our own preferences.

There's nothing wrong with experimenting with your looks and playing with it, but NEVER try to change who you are just to impress him or make him feel comfortable during that first date.
If your purple eyeshadow intimidates him or makes him feel uncomfortable, then he doesn't deserve you, honey 😘.

Songgi Ylanan says:

I love you xue! My dee.

Reiann says:

Omg xiaxue natural is… quite cringy lol put the pink hair back!!!

stitch says:

i love how she trims and plucks away eyebrow hair just to draw them back on

wynning your heart says:

Honestly they say that girls should go natural and be more ‘confident’, but in my opinion, putting on makeup makes me feel great and confident. I think I’m quite ok looking, but I really like to put on make up, experimenting and so. And it’s what I like. People say make up is to hide whatever ‘facade’… just no. Not all girls or even most girls that wear make up are like that. Guys say they like a natural look, but would they want someone below average or someone who can wear make up (nicely and properly) ??

Andrea Domo-Ibea says:

NAH SCREW THEM! It’s about you! Haven’t you ever seek RuPaul? “If those bitches aren’t paying your bills, pay them bitches no mind.”

hhuam hcum oosuoy evoli says:

Knp kau x mekap cam nenek kau je? Dgr2 nak jadi rosmah kn

Reem Mohd says:

They want girl with natural look fragile while they go after the full faced while they r out

Cynner Lim says:

Should interview maybe cooler dudes who don't have a preconceived notion of conservative femininity.

Yah It’s me says:

I like the nail lip applicators,so small you can really have small details

Yah It’s me says:

Xiaxue is very literal,more is more,”rude things she says” which she is just so blunt about

Yah It’s me says:

Her makeup is ok for every day use,most girls use way more makeup

Divyaa Udaya Sankar says:

What sponge are u using???

Shi Hui Toh says:

Lol after hearing the guys comments I think their confidence damn Low and ego so Low like who even want to date them sia

Vivien Guo says:

I laughed at "just try not to scare them too much"

Je Si says:

Lol my bf likes me more in heavy makeup 😂

HayArday says:

Eeyer i cannot tahan see the natural makeup thing
Extra Xiaxue is what we all need!!! 😂

recording maniac says:

Hahaha like this video style should produce moreee love this

hammypie says:

Guys: I prefer natural makeup.

Also Guys: omg [insert celebrity with heavy makeup] is SO HOT!

Micky R. says:

In my head, if you feel good, you look good, and you should never change for someone you don't know laaaaaaa

Dominique Clarke says:

it would have been cool to see the guys reaction to this again at the end with natural make up.

ελλεν V. says:

"More is More" Wendy your humor <3

紫微 says:

my first date i didnt even wear makeup , he freaked

Danniella Cuevas says:

If I went out on a date with no makeup… the guy will probably ask me if I’m sick. Lmao and quite honestly, he’ll probably be staring at my pimples all night.
I don’t care what dudes think about makeup. I just wear whatever I’m feeling that day.

me.need.more.brain says:

you look awesome and georgous with black hair.
i always thought you'd wear kinda mask, but your tons 😊 of makeup do not hide your natural face, just enhance your natural beauty (that you also had before plastic surgery)

Ari Abs says:

I personally like winged liner, nude eyeshadow, and a bold lip or classic red lip with some blush and good brows.

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