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NASCAR's Bubba Wallace gets show of support after noose found in his garage

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NASCAR drivers, pit crew members and others walked alongside Bubba Wallace and escorted his Number 43 car in a show of support at the Talladega Superspeedway a day after a noose was found in his garage.
In a video tweeted by NASCAR Executive Vice President Steve O’Donnell, Wallace’s car is being followed and pushed down pit row by a large procession of people. Wallace, wearing an American flag face mask, was emotional while hugging drivers and supporters, including NASCAR legend Richard Petty.
CNN’s Dianne Gallagher reports.



Rhonda Palmer says:

Bubba made fool's of every prson out there last week, karma will bite him in the ass hard !!!

Dum Dum says:

SCUMBAG , lier . Done with NASCAR

Dan Boden says:

Must have been them duke boys right jussie?

Kosi B says:


Brent Gibison says:

“Shouldn’t that narrow down who put that noose in there?” Garage door guy at home “HOLY SHIT!”

Mtg Mtg says:

All his fellow drivers he is suckering into believing his story.

Queenslander says:

‘Trump’ said ‘categorically’ that he was nowhere near that Garage ., he was out cheating on the Golf Course the whole damm time.

harry varner says:

Fifteen FBI agents investigate Bubba Wallace's paranoia.

Ryan Jensen says:

CNN is fake noose

showandgo1 says:

Bubba Smollett, NASCAR and CNN pushing "color revolution" here in America.  Shouldn't the FBI be investigating these "un American activities" instead of investigating Smollett's feelings being hurt?

showandgo1 says:

When do we put MSM on trial for crimes against humanity?  Would there be looting, rioting and the burning of our cities if MSM was not constantly provoking and agitating the this situation?  Boycott all these NWO globalist mouthpiece's.

Anthony Zimba says:

The noose was in his house for 9 months. It's all bull crap. CNN really crossing the line. This will haunt you for more Gaslighting the American public. This will haunt you

Sadie Fulcher says:

Bull.As A Mother and whats going on i dont believe it.Bull.Sombody did. It.You never seen this before. Excuse. An Cover Up.

Veltare YT says:

imagine mistaking a garage door pull for a noose…

Dennis Martinovich says:

That so called noose was in the Garage for over 2 years according to the FBI one year prior to Jesse I mean Bubba Wallace being assigned to the Garage CNN is a fake news agency they are accusing before facts were presented

Jacob McCahon says:

Story is bullshit. Nice work CNN. Another great example of your rock solid reporting

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