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NASCAR Shows Solidarity With Bubba Wallace After Noose Is Found In His Garage | MSNBC

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NASCAR drivers and crewmembers showed solidarity with driver Bubba Wallace at Talladega speedway. This was after a noose was found in Wallace’s garage stall over the weekend. Aired on 06/22/2020.
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NASCAR Shows Solidarity With Bubba Wallace After Noose Is Found In His Garage | MSNBC


Linda Mood. John Prine says:

They want a hate crime they fake one, the ones that have not got over it is the ones that keep crying wolf, I've yet to hear not 1 flag jumping on the cry baby trouble maker, just turn left and stfu, already.

Thomas Brooklyn says:

Another blockbuster from MSNBHeHa. Reminiscent of their almost daily blockbusters about Donald Trump.

paul thomas says:

Bubba Wallace is the best Race Card driver..

ladywharton says:

What a joke!

og banda says:

so fake ..like he never seen a pull rope .

Rau Kenneth says:

Bubba will do anything to be a hero. Despicable.

Rau Kenneth says:

That parade looks like a group of hateful people.

Brock Madigan says:

next year at Talladega, NASCAR will have Bubba push every car to the starting line himself….and he will apologize for contributing to this False Narrative.

Hasselhoff 2001 says:

Last black nascar driver ever.

paul thomas says:

wait. a liberal black guy playin the victim card as a multi millionaire ? never seen that before..

FlamingCrystal Alchemist says:

I’m glad he is safe

RJ_CPA says:

FBI said “noose like” and even a Boy Scout can tell you that it’s not a noose. The specific name of this particular not is knot being used for a reason and the fake news media pushes false narratives again. Remember when all those bodies floated past Brian‘s hotel room in New Orleans after his helicopter was shot down?? That was an awesome story we should hear Brian tell it again!!!

William Casey says:

hurray for the rebel flag!!!! looks like nascar will terminate itsselfi

Van Tastic says:

Another good reason to

Paul an American says:

Affirmative action hire
given a racecar number welfare
He's not even black
And see what a rich non-black racist activist does
When the fake news asks him his opinion
Stolen valor

Petar Odak says:


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