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NASCAR Race Hub reacts to FBI's conclusion of Bubba Wallace Talladega investigation | NASCAR ON FOX

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NASCAR Race Hub reacts to the news that the FBI revealed from its investigation that there was no hate crime committed against Bubba Wallace at Talladega Superspeedway.

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NASCAR Race Hub reacts to FBI’s conclusion of Bubba Wallace Talladega investigation | NASCAR ON FOX



Go Ohio says:

IT'S A LIE, but NASCAR will not admit they were suckered into a stupid display of something.

pumpkincontest says:

It was a HOAX? NASCAR trying to pump up its ratings.

Proud American says:

I use to have mad respect for Bubba. Now that is gone. He was a terrible driver anyways

cheapfast says:

What a joke, I mean NASCAR.

wayne shepherd says:

will not watch or buy any nascar till bubba wallace (the racist liar) is took off nascar ratings are falling because he doesn't deserve to race should be charged with hate crime

Bob Johnson says:

What a bunch of BS, these 2 guys think we are stupid and they are woke. So sad that NASCAR has lost their way!

third eyewide says:

Never liked Nascar but my family did
Now they will never watch or buy anything associated with Nascar again.

Duderama 67 says:

To all of you media liars, READ THE COMMENTS! NOBODY BELIEVES YOU!

Duderama 67 says:

Look at all of those frauds, no social distancing, no masks and no mention of this by the media.
I can't breathe…a word!
Nazcar is a total fraud.

Dusty Roads says:

Bubba is that rich little spoiled underachieving kid at the school playground. That all the other children pretend to like.

A.T.U Soldat says:

My question is why is a federal agency involved with something that has NOTHING to do with the government ?

Michel Marleau says:

your job is tonentertainbthe sheeple. like romans fed to lions in colosium. man sport for wantabe men to dream of while woofin chips and beer on their couches. puppetz

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