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NASCAR drivers and crew push Bubba Wallaces car to the front for pre-race ceremonies at Talladega

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Raceday in Talladega, Alabama saw all crews and drivers pushing driver Bubba Wallace’s car to the front of the grid for pre-race ceremonies, in a show of solidarity.


Kenneth Walton says:

Ok guys wanna push it back or just go around him

Tattle tail Strangler says:

Liberalism is a mental disorder and it’s on display enjoy

Robert Scharfe says:

Before you call the FBI just watch a Couple of episodes of Scooby Doo and you can pretty much figure it out

ShamrockNRoll says:

What a girlie SJW sport.

European American says:

Way to go NASCAR,now you look just has dumb has the NFL

Damon Sanders says:

They should push bubba Smokey out of nascar. It only takes one clown to f**k up the whole show. I would refuse to push or walk by his car. Hope everyone of the drivers treat him like he should be treated. He’s a joke and people like him and Colin k is what ruins sports. Get rid of him.

Jimmy Kuser says:

Now push it back to the garage and park it .. The hoax is over .., bubba should be suspended ..

Chris says:

NASCAR is already on the decline , so what was the point of adding fuel to a hoax and insulting their own fan base ? Maybe surfing would be a good alternative spectator sport .

Old time Farmer says:

Only way he can get to the front

Y N says:

You mean to tell me that Bubba and all of the other reindeers didn't know that it was a garage gate rope? Is it me or am I seeing a large crowd of people with the pinocchio nose gathered on the race track?

todd phillips says:

as it turns out it was the garage door pull rope and not a noose,bubba wallace is a moron

olemissfan91 says:

And another fake hate crime.

Mr Magoo says:

Liar! Ban him or I'm done.

Joey Garcia says:

Braking news just in bubba wallace comes out the closet first transgender in nascar

Richard Goller says:

And now they feel ashamed for believing BUBBLES WALLACE AKA BLM Supporter 3rd rate loser driver PUNKED ALL OF NASCAR AND MSM but very few patriots!! WE KNEW IT WAS A SCAM!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂BAN BUBBLES WALLACE!! ✊🇺🇸

Buddy hirshfield says:

Another NASCAR hoax trying to get some attention

Donald Lemmons says:

Stop!..Think!…VENI, VIDI, VICA. Here come the communists and America's status quo on every side and within America, slowly and surely, they are laughing. All haters, racists, self righteous and skeptics on all levels; you better stop and set your indifferences, and stupidity aside.
Because, the enemy shall do unto us, as we have done unto them..divide and conquer.
Because, you are too blind to see through your hatred and foolishness and skepticism.
Also, the status quo, are devouring our children strength and vision, currently.
Your, not thinking for America's kids and babies…STOP!
This isn't a joke..Evil vs.Good.

Keep Running Trucking Corp says:

people get to butt hurt all the time for alittle things they se

Scotty Fisher says:

What a joke !!! Look at me I'm to dam stuiped to understand the difference between a hangman's noose and a pull ROPE!!!! NASCAR should kick him out to stuiped to drive a race car. He is a racist !!!!!!!!!!!

The Justice Peace says:

You've been had 😂 😂 Jussie Bubba Gump Smollet

meesterp says:

Hogue twins discuss Bubba's noose. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4S5OH2vhRXs

SPacy sam aku holT says:

I'm guessing that many of these drivers and crew members now have a sick feeling in their stomach.

LloydBonafide1 says:

Bubba Smollett

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