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NASCAR America at Home: Cup Series finish at Talladega brings the excitement | Motorsports on NBC

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NASCAR America reviews the moment of solidarity for Bubba Wallace prior to the Talladega Cup race, salutes the speed of Ryan Blaney and Team Penske, and analyzes the performance of the underdogs and the exciting finish. #NBCSports #NASCAR #NASCARAmerica
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NASCAR America at Home: Cup Series finish at Talladega brings the excitement | Motorsports on NBC


Billiam E aka WILLIAM JOSEPH Q Webster EDWARDS says:

It's a shame they didn't do this in 1991- 2019*. Better quality cars and taking more section breakss*

Bob Bob says:

I wish pandering NASCAR wouldn’t have killed itself. The driver’s acted how their sponsors told them to. Bubba Smollett….the best racecard driver ever!

Ben Mcneil says:

Anybody watching NASCAR after this has got to be the most inbred hillbilly that is NASCAR. Bubba a racist and you three are idiots and panderers.

Joe says:

Fake, Fake, Fake

NolanEP says:

It wasn't a, "fake hate crime." It was a false alarm, a misinterpretation and misunderstanding. We should be grateful and relieved that there wasn't a racist act, not being mad that it turned out to be a false alarm. I just don't get that attitude.

The coming together, the support was real. Even though the situation turned out not to be what first thought, which is good in the big picture, the ppl in the sport showed the proper response. When a fellow driver needed support, they gave it to him. There was unity and it was real. They set an example for the country and its getting overlooked and ignored because the story is being misrepresented by internet personas who don't seem to care about accuracy and integrity as much as their egos and political grandstanding.

TheHypnotstCollector says:

Keeping your grip on the noose farce is going to choke nascar

Skinnyman says:

NASCAR and Fox need to do some major damage control!!

J. Wilson says:

The "powerful moment" was based on a lie. Nascar needs to apologize and quickly. Nascar fans are not pawns in a Black Lives Matter game. Do not treat us that way.

4akaimalko says:

I used to think these are brave men, but all I see is cuckery on steroids. Praise Bubba Smollett!

Jake Jonesy says:

Not even a minute in…I think I’ll stop there until u realize….. I miss the black 3 when nascar use to be rough… bunch of little boys here

Steve McQueen says:

So,…. no mention of the hoax. 1 day before and y'all couldn't shut up about it.

nautiquecowboy nautiquecowboy says:

Save your breath NASCAR is a joke now. Of all the people drugged down took Richard Petty with him. I know the Kings Crown has been tarnished before but this time I don't think it'll come clean.! 43 crew not knowing the difference between a hangman's noose and a door pull down. Grew up on Tobaccoville Road Nascar has been dying for some time this is really bad.

dan24329 says:

i used to take vacation to see a race now would not walk across street to watch what a shame

Mr Sleptya says:

Not watching sugarboots JR anymore………… his liberal views are bull crap and must have his father turning in his grave……… no more harveywood liberal JR for me. Download a pair fooooo

Robert Owens says:

Nascar made a mistake and they need to admit it

Joe Krim says:

No more NASCAR …bs juicy Smollett

Ed Seda says:

Sorry boys this race was overshadowed by the Bubba Wallace race hoax.

Jeffrey Hortman says:

Dale Jr. I used to be a huge fan of yours. Probably made a few house payments for you with tha memorabilia I bought. Wish you would of advertised you were going political I would have picked another driver. Get back to your roots. Race cars!

Marty Hipp says:

NASCAR should apologize to it's fans, Talladega and the state of Alabama for selling a fake hate crime.

Dennis Robinson says:

Haven't followed NASCAR for years now…..they are sell outs as far as I am concerned…..go play with your Toyotas!!!!!!!

millicent squirrel hole says:

NASCAR? hahaha…how stupid are you? Attendance continues to plummet and you allow the Marxist/Communist BLM to advertise? And the Bubba con? You bought that? Good luck with your continuing ignorance and disappearing attendance, oh, and NASCAR…you do have money to burn, don't you?…

Marty Wheat says:

Jr is a freaking goofball !

one lucky guy says:

Sorry NASCAR I have no choice but to say goodbye to your sport. This is not an easy decision for me because I'm a loyal fan, but when you go political I get upset to no end. However, in the past I overlooked it because I love the sport. The decision to ban the rebel battle flag was a bad one, but you bent to the will of some that think it's represents racism, which is false, because you wanted to be politically correct. Then this latest move with making Bubba out to be some hero over an issue that never happened was the last straw for me. FYI… If you don't believe me about your mistake I point you to Mr. H.K. Edgerton, a past President for the Asheville NC chapter of the NAACP (Google it) He's a Black man that is proud of his ancestors participation in fighting for the South during the civil war. He was so proud that he went around the country carrying a large rebel flag trying to educate people about the truth about that flag. For this he was constantly harassed, beat up, and had multiple death threats thrown his way. He was the person that showed me that the flag did not represent hate, it had everything about heritage. Goodbye.

Robert Bennett says:

NASCARs parade of fools.

Clinton Ternenyi says:

NASCAR is dead.

meat grinder says:

Bubba smollet sucks! Hope he eats the wall.!

DCTib says:

Where is NASCAR and Bubba Wallace's apology for falsely branding it's fans and white people racist? Why is McDonald's sponsoring Bubba Wallace's racism?

hal chesnut says:

Watching the news this morning I see the investigation shows that the noose had been in the garage fore several months. It would of been done over night it would been of a terrible thing but as it turns out it was just another OVER REACTION by NASCAR!!!

Phillip Howard says:

Boycott NASCAR and Cry Baby Bubba

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