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MY DAD REACTS TO Lil Baby – The Bigger Picture – Music Video | DAD'S 1ST TIME LISTENING TO LIL BABY

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Iran Vazquez says:

Why she keep puttin that copyright shit , idc girl ima tryna watch this reaction 😒

elitesoulman says:

Virus was a cover up so this wouldnt happen but didnt work? Nah I'm jp what do i know

Logan Ingram says:

I bet bruh felt bad for makin fun of him after he saw that video

Yasmeen Francis says:

Did she just say my husband has never rapped like this ever in his life ? Lil baby ALWAYS speaks lyrically it’s just the fact that this is a world wide struggle that’s why everyone gravitated to this song more than some others . But don’t get it twisted baby been in this

CarlosSpicy Wiener says:

Crazy how this the first time she really seeing him spazz like this he be goin off like this in a a lot of songs she need to react to more lil baby songs

Will Morris says:

It’s crazy because Kobe then covid then blm movement then nba is coming back it’s one thing after another

Tryston Marrero says:

He took the red pill let’s go

LordDrainst says:

40% Song
10% Reaction
50% Copyright

Sole Survivor says:

ALL WHITES ARE NOT RACIST – BUT ENOUGH OF THEM ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sohaila Williams says:

Love that shirt she has on, where can I get it?

God’s Servant says:

Pops woke to what’s really going on behind the scenes with these shadow societies.

POLO jp says:

U is so stupid🤦🏽‍♂️

Lemarcus Watkins says:

You're right. They will be targeted

yhvng ochoa says:

He one of the top papers rn

yhvng ochoa says:

They don’t know

Lemarcus Watkins says:

I cant watch this. That copyright thing is crazy

Lemarcus Watkins says:

The copyright thing is not it. You dont have to do it like that

Flxcks says:

Corona fake

Domenic Mastantuono says:

Your videos are literally the worst with these stupid copy right ads popping up ever 45 seconds un sub

山本健 says:

Bro your copyright getting on my nerves

Akuario DiVerzo says:

Revolution is Pancho Villa, your pops is right, is change, Pancho Villa said "the land belongs of the people who work for it" and he created an army to fight an army against the goverment and he won. Thats change

Rubix says:

Lil baby always raps like this 😭😭 u just gotta pay a little more attention 😭

Andre Vlog's says:

Can we talk without getting mad

jj New york da fucck says:

everyone say he mumble rap but go to Kodak black and then come back to this youll see mumble fuck outa here

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