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My Brother Almost FOUGHT This Dude! Indoor 5v5 Basketball!

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We went to Chicago to play 5v5 at a private gym and this happened…

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Tristan Jass says:

Thank you guys for the recent support on the channel! Numbers are going up! I really appreciate the love! Like, comment, and subscribe! Turn post notifications on too! 🙏❤️

Mj Foston says:

T jass brother not about that life

Banana Dude says:

Only low life asks other to meet outside!!!

Denis Jasewicz says:

Your welcome

Kingzall says:

The comp seem to be pretty weak

David Harper says:

Dude in da white shorts was given Jass buckets

King Jones says:

Curry and kyrir in the finals be like: 8:15

MettaWorld Peace says:

Why do lil brothers grow taller than us im 5’9 but my bro 5’11 wtf

Gavin Rozzoni says:

hi i love you

Kellis Webb says:

11:02 XD

Ricco says:

That dude that was aguring with T's brother got stuff blocked lol karma is a pain😂😂

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