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Mr. Sakurai Presents: AN ARMS FIGHTER | Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC

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Join Super #SmashBrosUltimate Director Masahiro Sakurai on 6/22 at 7am PT for a roughly 35-minute video livestream featuring an in-depth look at the upcoming DLC fighter from #ARMS – along with Abdallah’s Reactions!

Reactions to Nintendo’s Official Channel:


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NINJA Snipper says:

Min min amibo??

josie cruz says:

sunflower post malone

Eli Sankar says:

So far, all reactions of Min Min I’ve watched all mentioned Chun Li. It’s so true though

crazyson Gaming says:

PlAy the video now not take 11111002737646 years

Elijah caleb says:

I'm so glad it's min min she is gonna be a really fun I can't wait to get her yay min min for the win win

Goomba Lord says:

Thanks for the shoutout Abdallah!

Brandon Yeo says:

I love how Captain Falcon takes Min Min’s place at the end of the trailer

Charles Appiah says:

She's cool I guess… I wanted Twintelle instead lol

Kie says:

Great video!

beyonc é says:

I think its min min

Nick deJager says:

I am just happy for another female character. But I couldn't help but think 'Dhalsim'.

Terry Syvertson says:

the dream for shantae, geno and rayman joining smash ultimate's roster is very much still alive

Saxdude26 says:

31:20 Abdallah I saw that lean back. I saw that look!
It was a mixture of excitement and what I would assume as combo planning in your head. And the grin on your face!
Reveals like this are genuine and with all the picking apart people are doing, it's just relaxing to see you excited for more content and a new character.

Batabii says:

video starts at 15:51

Rx dude says:

Amazing stream min min seems like a fun character

Taylor Graham says:

Yes! Min min is one of my favorite fighters from Arms. It's awesome that she is in smash bros ultimate. I agree with Abdallah, min min for the win win! 🍜👍

Unlucky_4mula says:

Fault boy? Yes plz 😂😂

Gaming K says:

Oh my gosh i can not unhear the Vegeta now lol

WarriorDKB says:

Me waiting for him to talk: 👁👄👁


My friend code is775868348284

osealz says:

I don't have arms, is it good?

Mr. Speeder The gamer TV says:

Why don’t u play Fortnite

JJ_xz says:

I love watching him just sit there and not saying anything lol

Jride W says:

12:07 my comment

TNT18468483 says:

The arms percentage is literally my hero academia🤣

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