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"Mr. Sakurai Presents an ARMS Fighter!" PREDICTIONS – PapaGenos

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My Predictions for Mr. Sakurai Presents an ARMS Fighter! Also Crash Bandicoot 4 screenshots leak with a potential release date!!!

Crash Bandicoot 4 it’s about time Leaked Images SOURCE: https://www.resetera.com/threads/images-of-crash-bandcoot-4-surface-on-4chan-release-date-october-9th.231601/

PapaGeno’s Forest Maze Discord: https://discord.gg/forestmaze
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GenosPapa
Patreon: https://patreon.com/PapaGenos

Intro animation by: https://www.youtube.com/princebuffoon


Z.D. says:

I do have hopes for another fighter that is already a spirit, but I’m not counting on it.

Also, I’m guessing by the end of the year, they will release CPVII, & maybe tease CPVIII

John Lai says:

PapaGenos I know you’ve mentioned the Geno Mii Costume a couple of times. Do you believe he’s just going to be a costume at this point?

Sneaky Steamie says:

This aged well Min Min is in Smash

Strange Child with a Phone77 says:

I will honestly be very disappointed if its spring man. Why would they make it all mysterious if its just gonna be the basic ass Generic poster boy nobody Likes?

Mr. Video says:

My guess is that after the ARMS fighter reveal, the next one reveal will be a curve ball. So my guess is that the next fighter reveal will be a Killer Instinct rep. And my hope for a Killer Instinct rep is Fulgore.

Lenny face Boi says:

For Geno the stars are aligned….. the 7 stars?

wootmasterzorsx says:

Watching this right before the reveal…ish, and I'm thinking it's Min Min. Spring Man is a close second, or a Spring Man/Ribbon Girl/Min Min type thing would make sense. Regardless, Min Min's almost for sure the character, IMO.

Edward Sutherland says:

Its gonna be Biff with his moveset calling on the other fighters 🤣😅😂

Conrado Javier says:

I feel like Springman & Ribbon Girl are both the Default & Echo of Each Other like the Berlmonts Simon & Ritcher.

Project Zeker says:

I'm 100% serious… I think it's gonna be an ARMS dlc character that hasn't been released yet. I think is gonna be Rayman.

aThiccOreo says:

Min min kinda thicc 🥴😳

cppay336 says:

Honestly I dislike the whole rule breaking thing because it only assumes there’s like two sides for if characters could get in or not. Like just because a character breaks one “rule” it doesn’t mean that now we’re gonna get more characters like them, they most likely were just exceptions. Exceptions.

Lil squib says:


Mango-Man 875 Gamer-person says:

Hay papa geno’s are you going to be doing a live stream ? Question 4 ARMS revival

Alanwott says:

Min min or ninja kid have the best chances

I think

Frankie Miller says:

what if they reveal 2 ARMS characters… the second Nintendo tweet is worded strangely… no other further revealed, other than a ARMS fighter…

Jeremy Roberts says:

Terry Belmont and Terry Belmont(2) along with the rest of the Belmonts…so what the hell was the list? lol

Hydr0Sh0ck says:

I hooe it's max brass, he's such a cool character.

Benito Gómez Mellado says:

Hope Hatkid or hollow knight gets the mii costume

PC Detector says:

I don't want Heihachi. Playing as Ryu, Ken, and Terry are just not fun and hard to control.

Luman says:

master mummy

e r i k k u n says:

All my cards are on the table for 7/7/2020. ⭐ Geno ⭐ Please let it be 🙁

Christopher Robinson says:

I really think that’s it’s Twintelle because of her normal arms. It would look normal for her to grab items and easy to program.

ZooMadness says:

Can someone please explain to me what is so special about Min Min? She's the most generic character in Arms.

justanotherwolf says:

The Bayo glitch most likely hints to twintelle because she uses her hair for attacks which explains why it changes shapes. Twintelle is also one of the creator of ARMS favorites as well as being a fan favorite. So those things don't apply to min min alone.

justanotherwolf says:

The release for Hero was 'a fighter' but he has multiple characters. So i think it can be more than one or echos.

Kyle Woodowens says:

Hollow Knight Sword fighter deluxe Mii just feels like it's going to happen sooner or later

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