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Mr Sakurai Presents an ARMS Fighter Live Stream – PapaGenos

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Watch the “Mr. Sakurai Presents an ARMS Fighter!” Live Stream with PapaGenos !!!

PapaGeno’s Forest Maze Discord: https://discord.gg/forestmaze
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GenosPapa
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Jman Productions says:

If you think about it, there IS technically a Crash amiibo in the form of Skylanders.

I am prepared for the amount of backlash I’m going to receive for mentioning Skylanders.

John Lai says:

Great stream glad Min Min was the character.

Cole Takahashi says:

I think he meant the characters.

Ches Phendshil says:

gibbe waluigi

Ikke says:

the Rayman dream might be real!

Neighborly says:

I think min min is the best looking character. Alot of the arms characters look so tacky and goofy I'm glad they picked her.

Terry Syvertson says:

i think a bowl of ramen is a food item, helix and the dlc characters from ARMS aren't shown so it's only the base roster from arms

vault boy is a normal mii costume not a deluxe mii costume

Arun Homenauth says:

Rayman, geno and doomguy coming ?

ry short says:

This was boring as hell lol

Jared Thompson says:

Interestingly, they chose to exclude the Geno spirit from the advice segment even though his spirit is arguably more challenging than some of the ones shown. They also mentioned spirits changing as more DLC comes out; that could allude to Geno changing later on as well.

Luis Antony Otto says:

Awesome video as always. Stay healthy. I wish you a great day from Germany.

Scott E. says:

29:10 if you wanted to jump directly to the presentation reaction.

Postal Dude says:

I watched this live stream while I was in your Discord VC. Amazing experience! Makes up for the Nintendo NY experience

Ruben Cousillas says:

How does she grab items?

MattuFarlygard says:

Thanks Papa

Amano_S says:

For the first time I have to admit that this reveal has demolished one of my oldest beliefs: Spirits deconfirm candidates for Fighters in SMASH.
I wonder what's going to happen with her spirit, after all the work I put to make her lvl 99.

Thicc Nicc says:

I’m really thinking Rayman Geno and Doomguy are in. I just feel it. Along with a Pokémon and a Wild Card.

christiandiaz says:

Sakurai has plants in the background and the plants have wood. Geno is a doll made out of wood. Could it be…? 😳

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