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Mr Sakurai Presents An ARMS FIGHTER! • Live Reaction!

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• Credits •
♫ Intro Music ♫
Hyper Potions – Big Snowman
♫ Outro Music ♫
Porta Vista – Hyper Potions
Outro and Intro Designed By Myself
#SmashBrosUltimate #NewCharacter #SmashReveal


GoGojiraGo says:

Everyone on a single character wouldn't have worked because they're all very different in proportions and style. How would Twintelle work, she uses her hair, and Mechanica is a girl in a robot.

The Megaton Menace says:

1:20 LOL. You were wrong. they announced a worthless game.

MrAuthor3DS says:

25:50 Heihachi is actually one of the returning third-party costumes from For's DLC (Tails, Knuckles, Proto Man, X, Zero, MegaMan.EXE, Jacky Bryant, and Akira Yuki are among them).

MrAuthor3DS says:

16:13 I was thinking she's more of a stance-changing fighter (like Olimar or Shulk) than a "form-changing" one, since she's chiefly changing the effects of her right ARM's attacks.

MrAuthor3DS says:

I don't get why everybody thought that there would be multiple ARMS fighters with the same moveset. Besides different personalities and body shapes, the characters all have different personal skills (which really sets them apart the most). No one else does any kick attacks or power up their left ARM like Min Min.

MrAuthor3DS says:

1:14 I was kinda thinking that, too. That or they're just in the shot by coincidence.

Alex Oborne says:

Sakurai’s set up is freaking legendary

Unknown Stalker says:

if we get an arms anime though.

Zev Royce says:

Yeah they could’ve made this atleast 10 min shorter lol she looks great though

Anøn says:

That set up tho holy

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