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Money Yaya Dumped NBA Youngboy 😱 Death Enclaimed Reaction

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Money Yaya Dumped NBA Youngboy 😱 Death Enclaimed Reaction

[[ Kentrell Gaulden – Kacey Alexander – Kaylyn Marie Long (Kayylmariee) – Iyanna Mayweather – Nisha – Kind Gaulden – Armani – Drea Symone – Lapattra Lashai – NBA Youngboy 2 daughters – NBA Youngboy baby mamas ]]

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Blue0921 ENT says:

Don't waste your time typing disrespectful comments. I'm just gonna delete it and block you.

King Dj says:

He said that ain mine

Almarion Gaming says:

If u look up the lyrics to the song he says 4 boy and 2 girls "that aint mine" but i still like the vid all positive vibes over here sis💖🤘🏽

Sadaria Kidd says:

I uhm just found this video a week later-

Flaming Fi’yah says:

bitches love drama 🤷🏼‍♂️. 😎

Yungliz17 Yungchoppa says:

He's not said he's loaded

morris stanback says:

Child support

puddin cup says:

How do you dump someone who had babies and girlfriends while with you?

David Hoard says:

They young whoes all of them trash no real girl going through that bull shit only h0'$

Tynesha Deleon says:

Google the Fairness Doctrine, Tweet it, Help us!

morgan extraa says:

At this point throw young boy away

Tavares Melton says:

man hoes just straight golddiggers nowadays

Cameron Jones says:

Them girls are agents of chaos. They like that drama

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