Miniminter & KSI Live Reaction To Gib VS Tayler Holder Rigged Draw Result

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Ryan Jaison says:

Everyone calm down, they officially announced that Gib actually won the fight a bit after it.

sym says:

Ref:” Now thats some bullshi-…
Fuck it, bout to cash my cheque right after this shit”

dominic peter says:

Even the ref was confuesed lol

I can’t think of a creative name says:

This was the biggest fixed fight since the last biggest fixed fight whenever that was

Anti Virus says:

Ksi and Simon reaction in
Simon and Talia channel

Sean Carrapiett says:

Bro look at the referees face, he knows gib got robbed

Scorpion0533 says:

Gib was horribly robbed

Liam Head says:

Notice how the announcer himself literally dropped his voice and went monotone, going from, “PUT THE BOUT IN FAVOR OF… a majority draw? 😐” blatant robbery and everyone in the event knew it was rigged 💀

Mryeboi says:

Even the ref was like
ehhhhhh idk about this one chief

mashter shef says:

Simon and his girlfriend react to gib vs Taylor holder

Aimad Tareksson says:

I love that KSI still laughs like a maniac even behind the camera.

We_need_2talk - says:

15 to 46 lol

ismail sharif says:

The ref was like, I donno what the judges were on bro..

Also Frog says:

simon with his boyfriend

Splendid Dwarf says:

Even the ref knew it was bs

Mike Masci says:

Even Tyler knew he lost

Roely says:

Than Tayler even had he guts to say that he should have won

Giant Waddles says:

50 to 46 can't be a draw

MJ Cleetus says:

How is there 5 rounds and it’s a draw😐, ksi and Logan’s fight was draw which was fair since it was a close fight and it was 6 rounds, unless one of them got a point deducted or scored a knockdown which did not happen, even Adam vs walid, same thing, 3 rounds and it was a draw, at this point the judges aren’t even watching the fights

that one hispanic says:

Even the ref was confused

Lilbeen14 says:

Mind you own buisness

Solee K says:

Gib won anyway, they resolved it not long after the fight

Alex Shamburger says:

Lol what rig😂😂😂

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