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Minecraft "Pretty Scary" 1.4 Official Trailer

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Check out the downloadable map – http://hatventures.net/trailer14-2.zip

We hope you enjoy the trailer and the new ‘Pretty Scary’ 1.4 update! Be sure to watch the behind the scenes on how it was made (in a record time of 2 days!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9sZUEe8sTk

Enjoy the music? It’s now available on Bandcamp! (iTunes/Spotify/Amazon/Google coming soon, follow us on Twitter @hat_films to know when!)

►Check out Hat Films channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/HaatFilms?feature=mhee


Xavier Toll Hernando says:

This trailer is terrible taking into account that it was made by the company that has the most popular game in the world. This is a very lazy video.

Master ZXI says:

Wait so the 1.8 beta video was made before 1.4

snow fairy production says:

I got this video today.

Noumaan Baig says:

ah I miss the old minecraft…

Pedro Lucas says:


Christian Beasley says:

i miss my old 1.2.5-1.6.4 world… lost it on my old computer.

Pengy says:

This update should of been released on Halloween

Mika Cade says:

I love Minecraft!!!!!

Lixia Lix says:

Anyone notice the pig in the birch tree?

MrSweetStuff says:

7 years? Wow I remember when this was new

Forest City Mapping says:

Wow I’m so excited for the new update!

CharmanderTheLiza VETERAN II says:

Its the exact time when youtube recommends this to us.

regitt says:

looking back at this, 1.14 should have been the "Pretty Scarier Update"

Edward Costley says:

I love how even the employees lag around on PE

Caleb M. says:

Scary update? More like annoying update haha joke moment

tzyvoski says:

When update trailers were actually recorded in game by HatFilms…
Don't get me wrong, I love the new trailers and updates, these though, were more "true": look at buzzy bees, the landscape is fantastic but MC does not generate terain like that

The same person says:

I'm getting PTSD

Thopanime Squeq says:

3:00 /kill @e[type=wither]

Minor Life says:

Anvil: 🗿

Notthenewkid 159 says:

Good luck lol

Unaverage Avocado says:

Oh boy! I sure can’t diddily darn wait for this all new update!

Okay now that I think about it I think this is the third time this has been in my recommendations this year

Anihilis Gaming says:

Why am I thinking about the old herobrine’s mansion map now

LiamTWM says:

youtube:it’s alright they’ll watch this it’s quarantine

Ram kumar says:

Anyone notice maybe they have emerald sword?

Astro_Wolf 1 says:


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