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Minecraft – Nether Update Trailer | PS4

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Welcome to the Nether. Stronger materials, scarier biomes, and snoutier mobs bring the heat to an already fiery dimension.



Olwk 123 says:

I do not like ps5 or 4

Vicente Rojas says:

Esta se aplica a ps3 ?

bobi14x PRo says:

That's not your video


i love minecraft and playstation too!!!!

Divya Vyas says:

am i the only one who noticed that they used 'In the palace of the mountain king' in the background

Tamino3009 Murach says:

I love minecraft

FablePlay says:

Why he can't make Nether update on ps3 ant xbox 360😭😭???

Foenke says:

Hello, I want to buy minecraft on ps4 but I don't know wich edition I need to buy. Do I need to buy the regular console edition or the bedrock edition? ( I just want to play the new updates etc. without to many lag)

Osiris Martinez says:

Yo pude ir al néder cuando comencé Minecraft survival

Sancho Mora 10 says:

Happy 11 years minecraft😀😀!!!!!

Demian Camarillo Flores says:

Xbox is better than Playstation
Views of xbox
1.5 million
Views of Playstation
1.3 million

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